convertible bond

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a bond that can be converted to other securities under certain conditions

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On 5 December 2017, the company received a request from Tremoko to convert the bonds of the convertible bond, subscribed for by Tremoko and issued by Digitalist against the subscription, the principal amount being altogether EUR9,200,000.
However, if this secular trend of lower interest rate changes, then we expect to see more convertible bond issuance.
HH: Convertible bonds are usually put in a 'too complicated' product box, which in fact they aren't.
13 billion dirhams from the facility, and would issue that amount of convertible bonds to Mubadala under the same terms as its previous convertible issue.
Oman's Capital Market Authority (CMA) has approved the prospectus of the forthcoming mandatory convertible bonds to be issued by Renaissance Services.
On February 14, Immofinanz invited bondholders of the outstanding convertible bonds due 2014 and 2017 to sell their debt certificates back to the company.
Income received from a convertible bond or preferred stock is subject to ordinary income tax rates.
King, 1984, "The Effect of Convertible Bond Equity Values on Dilution and Leverage", Accounting Review, 59:419-431
Since the stock contribution requires Labor Department approval, and that isn't easy to obtain, the next step for airlines could be convertible bonds.
That said, a convertible bond fund investment with an experienced firm may provide some upside in a stock market that still has investors scratching their heads.
Major convertible bond issuers include regional banks, such as Hiroshima Bank and Nishi-Nippon Bank, as well as consumer financing company Acom Co.
Within the framework of models of convertible bond financing, "mimicking behavior" refers to situations in which managers of the issuing firm know that they are setting the conversion price (conversion ratio) of the bond too high (low).
In 2005 she joined billionP Paribas Investment Partners (Fortis Investments) as a product specialist for convertible bonds, before moving on to become global convertible bond fund manager.
ETF name: UC Thomson Reuters Balanced European Convertible Bond UCITS ETF (dis), Asset class: bond index ETF, ISIN: LU1372156916, Total expense ratio: 0.