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Synonyms for convertible

Synonyms for convertible

a car that has top that can be folded or removed

a corporate security (usually bonds or preferred stock) that can be exchanged for another form of security (usually common stock)

a sofa that can be converted into a bed

capable of being exchanged for or replaced by something of equal value

designed to be changed from one use or form to another

Related Words

capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy

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Polk consultant Mark Pauze said convertible registrations typically are skewed toward large metropolitan areas and those with warm climates.
Investors buying a convertible want the stock price to move up, but if the price goes nowhere, so will the bond issue.
Traditional convertible debt is not subject to the CPDI; see Regs.
The current environment of falling interest rates could hardly be better for convertible arbitrage strategy.
Still, convertible funds have compiled an impressive record by any stock picker's standards.
Convertible securities are included in EPS computations using the if-converted method.
Regent Securities Capital Corporation and Shoreline Pacific, LLC served as the placement agents for the issuance and sale of the convertible debentures and related warrants.
Its convertible offering was a seven-year deal that could be redeemed after Feb.
A convertible bond is also valued in terms of its underlying equity, so it's important to remember that assessing the equity value of a convertible involves performing the same kind of credit analysis required for any stock.
The public offering of the Company's convertible senior notes will be made only by means of a prospectus and prospectus supplement under the Company's existing $150 million shelf registration statement.
On or prior to the close of business on February 27, 2007, holders of the 5% Convertible Debentures being called may convert their 5% Convertible Debentures into shares of common stock of Meridian Bioscience at a conversion price of $9.
Unless cancelled, the subscribers will be required to pay for the Convertible Preferred Equity immediately at the end of the 28 day period (or at such earlier date as such provision is waived).
0 billion aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due 2036.
The Senior Convertible Notes will be convertible into General Cable Corporation common stock at a conversion rate of 19.