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Synonyms for convert

Synonyms for convert

Synonyms for convert

a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief

change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy

change religious beliefs, or adopt a religious belief

Related Words

exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category

score an extra point or points after touchdown by kicking the ball through the uprights or advancing the ball into the end zone

complete successfully

score (a spare)

make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something

Related Words

exchange a penalty for a less severe one

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On resumption, Nakuru stepped up their gas pedal and invaded their opponents camping into their own half in the opening 15 minutes as they piled pressure to their youthful opponents.Hardly two minutes into the second half, Arara, who was a constant threat to Nakuru guard, snapped from his markers to score a try which was converted by Okwaro.
The highest number of pensioners have been converted from AGPR Islamabad, where out of total 23533 pensioners, 44867 have been converted to new system which is 52 percent of the total.
Another man who converted to Christianity in Iran said Muslims who become Christians do so in secret and even practice their faith in private.
'There is nothing wrong with Muslim converts as we have freedom of religion,' Ano said.
Pakistan-based Summit Bank has announced a plan to convert itself into an Islamic banking operation within three years.
January 10, 2014 (KHARTOUM) -- Sudanese Muslim converts accused the government of failing to protect their basic rights saying that they suffer from intimidation and harassment when they switch religions.
One explanation as to why convert offenses commonly fell outside this age range is that at least seven offenders were already over 24-years-old by the time they had converted to Islam.
Converted EVs would be lawfully allowed to run on public roads, if they pass the transport ministry's mandatory safety checks.
When you open an older Access file on your computer after Access 2010 is installed, you will be asked if you want to convert the file.
A stranger comes and says "I am a convert." What does it take to accept him as a convert?
Assume this hypothetical example: John Smith has a $250,000 traditional IRA and is eligible to convert to a Roth IRA but does not have funds outside the IRA to pay the resulting tax liability.
As one who has been diligently working to educate my parishioners about the RCIA process, I was disappointed to see the December cover story ("Trading spaces: The moving experience of converts") by Leslie Scanlon refer to those seeking reception into full communion as "converts."
He made the improbable decision to convert to Islam in the late 1880s while serving as US Consul in Manila, the Philippines, and dedicated the rest of his life to advocating its cause.
Affected components will have the discretion to convert their workforce anytime between October 2006 and January 2007 to ensure enough time to train their employees, Lacey said.