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Synonyms for conversion

Synonyms for conversion

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

a fundamental change in one's beliefs

Synonyms for conversion

a change in the units or form of an expression: "conversion from Fahrenheit to Centigrade"

a successful free throw or try for point after a touchdown

a spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life

(psychiatry) a defense mechanism represses emotional conflicts which are then converted into physical symptoms that have no organic basis

interchange of subject and predicate of a proposition

Related Words

act of exchanging one type of money or security for another

the act of changing from one use or function or purpose to another

References in classic literature ?
The Priest,'' said Clement, ``is not have so confident of the Jew's conversion, since he received that buffet on the ear.
And whereas the other so-called virtues of the soul seem to be akin to bodily qualities, for even when they are not originally innate they can be implanted later by habit and exercise, the of wisdom more than anything else contains a divine element which always remains, and by this conversion is rendered useful and profitable; or, on the other hand, hurtful and useless.
and what a sad truth is it, that the horrid lives of Christians hinder the conversion of heathens!
But my clergyman had not done yet: his thoughts hung continually upon the conversion of the thirty-seven savages, and fain be would have stayed upon the island to have undertaken it; but I convinced him, first, that his undertaking was impracticable in itself; and, secondly, that perhaps I would put it into a way of being done in his absence to his satisfaction.
Deacon Milliken gave ten dollars towards the conversion of Syria to Congregationalism, and Mrs.
It was not until dinner was almost over that she abandoned a conversion into which she had thrown herself with spirit.
But on the view of all the species of a genus having descended from a single parent, though now distributed to the most remote points of the world, we ought to find, and I believe as a general rule we do find, that some at least of the species range very widely; for it is necessary that the unmodified parent should range widely, undergoing modification during its diffusion, and should place itself under diverse conditions favourable for the conversion of its offspring, firstly into new varieties and ultimately into new species.
Now, as to the management of your capital while you are away, and as to the conversion of so much of it as the business may need from time to time--' His partner stopped him.
Here the followers of John Wesley have set up a temple, built before the period of Methodist conversion to the principles of architectural religion.
Three Detroit Condo Conversions, Southfield & Auburn Hills, MI --Carlton arranged and closed $49 million of financing for its client's acquisition and condominium conversion of three prime stabilized apartment communities totaling 828 units located in the affluent suburbs of Auburn Hills and Southfield, Michigan.
These "pains" were converted to critical business requirements that included increasing the pattern conversions to move the target completion date forward by 18 months and maintaining an overall average of sand-to-net-metal ratio of 4.
McKnight then examines each of these six in turn, first using stories of modern conversions as a base for his analysis.
Because the nature of involuntary conversions varies in different industries, taxpayers constantly confront new situations.
The high incidence of active TB in the physicians strongly suggests that most conversions were due to TB transmission rather than boosting.
Many taxpayers made Roth IRA conversions in 1998, despite the fact that they were not eligible to do so because their MAGI for that year was more than $100,000.