conversion reaction

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a mental disorder characterized by the conversion of mental conflict into somatic forms (into paralysis or anesthesia having no apparent cause)

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The exchange and the conversion reactions by the enzyme can be observed in the absence of added cyt-[c.
At present a multidimensional approach to the understanding of conversion reactions is still usually employed in which there are both separate and simultaneous biological, psychodynamic, socio-cultural, and behavioral explanations.
Harry Doyle, stated that the diagnosis of conversion reaction disorder requires an underlying psychological cause such as an event in a person's life that could relate to the onset of symptoms.
It is believed to be due to several different mechanisms: irritation from GERD, postnasal drip syndrome, in-halation of irritants, or psychiatric conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression leading to a conversion reaction.
Chapter 2 describes a cell-free conversion reaction system to study how pathogenic prions associated with different species interact with host cellular prion protein.
Stridor as an initial symptom of a conversion reaction (hysteria) is rare.
These patients were not suffering the depression often associated with a serious illness, their disorder was not a primary psychiatric disorder such as anorexia nervosa, and it was not a conversion reaction, such as when a patient claims they are blind although their eyes are fine, Dr.
The undrawn film, although free from stress in the precursor form, had some stress developed in the film as elimination products from the conversion reaction were removed during heating at 200[degrees]C.
In the 1968 revision of DSM-II, conversion reaction was renamed hysterical neurosis: conversion type.
Since the conversion reaction is catalytic in nature, the most effective types of activated cartons are those that exhibit enhanced catalytic activity, i.