conversion disorder

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a mental disorder characterized by the conversion of mental conflict into somatic forms (into paralysis or anesthesia having no apparent cause)

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The DSM estimates that persistent conversion symptoms occur in two to five people per one hundred thousand per year and that conversion disorder is two to three times more common amongst women.
In a follow-up study conducted with adolescents with conversion disorder in Turkey, 40 adolescent patients were evaluated 4 years later and clinical depression and anxiety were found in 35% of these patients, although psychogenic seizures were eliminated in 85% (30).
4] Conversion disorder can also occur in association with SPS.
The distinctions can be subtle; a neurologic consultation can be very helpful when conversion disorder is suspected, according to Dr.
Patients with similar "functional" or "psychogenic" conversion disorders can comprise between 30 and 40% of patients attending neurology outpatient clinics and place a huge strain on public health services.
The rapid growth of social media makes it more difficult to isolate people with conversion disorder, for example in a classroom, he says.
39) somatoform disorders are recognized as legitimate mental health conditions in recent editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (commonly referred to as the DSM-IV-TR)40 in several incarnations, (41) including somatization disorder, (42) undifferentiated somatoform disorder, (43) conversion disorder, (44) pain disorder, (45) and hypochondriasis.
An inpatient interdisciplinary treatment model for managing clients with conversion disorder may be advantageous (Speed 1996).
It was only when a child psychologist at Birmingham Children's Hospital recognised the symptoms of Conversion Disorder, which caused the brain to make Dan believe he could not use his legs, that he was put back on the road to recovery.
2,3) Paul Briquet was the first to make an association between conversion disorder and central nervous system disorders during the 19th century.
Ryave made a differential diagnosis of CVA versus a psychiatric conversion disorder.
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He was diagnosed as suffering from somato-form (mental) disorder, specifically a conversion disorder, most likely due to the ill-treatment he was subjected to during interrogation.
1) In this article, we describe two cases of conversion disorder in older women that manifested as stridor.