conversion disorder

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a mental disorder characterized by the conversion of mental conflict into somatic forms (into paralysis or anesthesia having no apparent cause)

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This category includes: * somatic symptom disorder * illness anxiety disorder * conversion disorder (functional neurological symptom disorder) * psychological factors affecting other medical conditions * factitious disorder * other specified somatic symptom and related disorder * unspecified somatic symptom and related disorder.
Sample and Method: A list of 127 presenting complaints of patients with conversion disorder was collected from 41 clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.
In order to generate items for revised version of conversion disorder scale, seven practising mental health professionals were consulted.
Conclusions: Psychological distress is quiet common and prevalent in those taking care of patients with conversion disorder.
Introduction: The aim of this study is to examine the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics, the presence of comorbidity, and the link with childhood traumatic experiences in patients with conversion disorder (CD) in a psychiatric outpatient clinic.
We diagnosed the case as conversion disorder with psychological stressor, persistent type as per the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders-5 (DSM 5).
It would take four frustrating, frightening months before Samantha was diagnosed with conversion disorder, a complex medical condition in which psychological stress manifests itself in physical ways not directly associated with her concussion.
Objective: The purpose of the present study was to examine the effectiveness of alpha-theta brainwave Neurofeedback treatment for the internal self-exploration of individuals with conversion disorder.
Objective: To determine the frequency of anxiety symptoms in patients with conversion disorder.
The neural circuitry of conversion disorder and its recovery.
It was hypothesized that: the patients with conversion disorder will differ from those with general medical conditions on parental acceptance rejection and interpersonal difficulties; there is relationship between parental acceptance rejection and interpersonal difficulties.
c) conversion disorder (neurological symptom disorder)
The common psychiatric disorders related to the onset of vomiting were either a major depression or a conversion disorder.