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personal knowledge or information about someone or something

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The success of interdisciplinarity would depend on the in-depth conversancy of each one of the participating disciplines, so that a whole could be built, not annulling disciplinarity (ALVARENGA; SOMMERMAN; ALVAREZ, 2005; MINAYO, 1994).
Tanner, Irish is also involved with other pursuits that she loves, namely her work with the Nature Conversancy of Utah and her association with several universities in the state.
From her conversancy with the medicinal plants growing in the hermitage of Magdalene, Madame Bavoil had learned to advise Durtal in the design of his liturgical garden.
Enterprising supply management professionals can dramatically expand their conversancy and familiarity with the field of crisis management and turnaround work through these and other programs.
26) Roth describes "ability to understand" as a general conversancy with the elements considered part of the treatment decision-making:
I't is perhaps more helpful, if still somewhat abstract, to say that "the humanities" include those branches of human knowledge that concern themselves with human beings and their culture, and that do so in ways that show conversancy with the language of human values and respect for the dignity and expressive capacity of the human spirit.