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the act of converging (coming closer)

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Everybody looked up at the open windows in the houses at the opposite angles of the converging streets; but they were either blank, or filled by laughing listeners.
Thus, by ones and twos, converging from widely distant quarters, they were now beginning to draw together, in the near neighborhood of the great city which was soon destined to assemble them all, for the first and the last time in this world, face to face.
Over the whole of this, and in all directions, lay the luminous lines, all converging to the summit of Copernicus.
In our diagram, this is indicated by the broken lines, beneath the capital letters, converging in sub-branches downwards towards a single point; this point representing a single species, the supposed single parent of our several new sub-genera and genera.
Lawrence's; and the outline of his face, though not full enough to be round, and too finely converging to the small, dimpled chin to be square, could never be drawn out to the long oval of the other's, while the child's hair was evidently of a lighter, warmer tint than the elder gentleman's had ever been, and his large, clear blue eyes, though prematurely serious at times, were utterly dissimilar to the shy hazel eyes of Mr.
And still from all the cross streets they were hurrying and rattling toward the converging point at full speed, and hurling thcmselves into the struggling mass, locking wheels and adding their drivers' imprecations to the clamour.
The converging sides of this "V" marked the boundaries of the gold-bearing dirt.
Often he ran his eye along the converging sides and on up the hill, trying to divine the apex, the point where the gold-bearing dirt must cease.
As the cross-cuts decreased, showing that the sides of the "V" were converging, the depth of the " V " increased.
The converging sides of the inverted "V" were only a few yards apart.
Our courses were converging like the sides of an angle, the vertex of which was at the edge of the fog-bank.
On the third day, the throng had swollen to thousands; all slowly converging to one point-- the city of Somnauth.
Catherick--these were the various considerations, all steadily converging to one point, which decided the course of my proceedings on the next day.
The CTM integrates best-of-breed traffic monitoring, traffic management, compression and caching with advanced application layer visibility and control to assure WAN efficiency and application performance for converging IP voice, data and video applications.
Real momentum began when the Joint Requirements Oversight Council issued JROC Memorandum 161-03 (June 13, 2003), which requested that the vice chief of staff of the Army and the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps provide an integrated briefing on converging efforts for achieving a single joint capability.