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tending to come together from different directions

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Telenity's Canvas([R]) TAS, Telecom Application Server will be deployed as the new Multidomain Intelligent Peripheral Node in Telefonica's convergent network.
McCarthy acquired the Convergent shares as a result of Convergent's acquisition of Hemisphere Investments Inc.
Also, industry veteran Cindi Waller has joined Convergent Acquisitions as Director of Operations.
Zell, president and chief executive officer of Convergent Communications.
Convergent Acquisitions leveraged its research expertise to offer clients high quality properties in markets poised for growth and appreciation.
Convergent Communications now has 87 EMS clients in four EMS-targeted markets, amounting to a total long-term contract value of $45 million, up from $15.
With Intec Convergent Billing, Polkomtel will be able to eradicate the traditional division between pre-paid and post-paid services and replace it with a unified and convergent offer to our customers.
Burge, president and chief operating officer for Convergent Communications, Entre's outstanding sales and engineering expertise and its established market presence "significantly enhances our Atlanta operations.
Our success in signing the first customer shortly after the release of our Convergent Linux Platform version 1.
Under the terms of the five-year agreement, Convergent Communications will upgrade EMCO's data network to a TCP/IP system that includes local and wide area networking, frame relay services, Internet access and network monitoring.
ATLANTA & LONDON -- Intec Telecom Systems and IBM have completed a performance benchmark of Intec Convergent Billing v6, the latest version of the market-leading customer care and billing system, on IBM System p5 servers, demonstrating the capability to handle a sustained throughput equivalent to the needs of a customer base of 60 million pre-paid subscribers.
Both men bring a wealth of industry experience that's invaluable to Convergent Communications' board," said John R.
Some 4GL tools try to shield the developer from SQL, while others may access the data directly, bypassing SQL," said Tom Bosanko, executive vice president of Convergent Solutions.