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of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

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Early in the essay, Hallam notes the connection between Roman Catholicism and the appearance of a tradition of courtly love:</p> <pre> The inordinate esteem for chastity; the solemnity attached to conventual vows; the interest taken in those fair saints, on whom the Church had conferred beatitude .
By the Duke's action, "the absent (and by implication insufficiently strict) conventual Rule at the start of the play is replaced by the state's successful regulation and subjection of its placeless singlewomen" (152).
The particular qualities of the Jesuit approach to reform included the emphasis on examining the will of the women who entered the house; their residence was short-term, ending either in marriage, reunion with their husbands, or the conventual life.
LOCAL HISTORY The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and some conventual buildings at the Whitefriars, Coventry, by Charmian Woodfield and contributors (British Archaeological Reports, Archaeopress, pounds 50).
However, the opportunity was taken to place these in context by summarising the principal conclusions of other fieldwork around the precinct, including surveys of the extensive surviving medieval and Tudor building ranges and a reassessment of Professor Grimes' work on the great cloister and main conventual buildings.
20) Factors like these can help to explain the flourishing of a female conventual literature in Portugal, in the 1600s and 1700s, as well as the existence of heretical groups who practised, and indeed cultivated, mystical excesses.
77)), and his picturing of this scene, clearly recall Victorian paintings of conventual life that manifest the same fascination with young women committing themselves to a life of celibacy.
Franciscan conventual friar Fr Xavier Goulet, who helped organise the tour, said: "St Anthony is one of Ireland's most popular saints because he touches the simplicity of many people's lives.
Fr Xavier Goulet, a Franciscan Conventual friar, said he is expecting huge numbers to visit St Anthony's relics which are coming to Ireland as part of celebration of the saint's novena.
The article is presenting a cultural centre in Toledo, Spain, designed by Ignacio Mendaro Corsini Arquitecto, around the historical conventual church of San Marcos.
When in the same novel Ellena attempts "to read Vivaldi's billet," the contents of which could save her from conventual confinement, the dying light and growing darkness replicate the reader's own anxieties in attempting to interpret the text's equally dark "passages" of braille: "A thousand times she turned about the eventful paper, endeavored to trace the lines with her fingers, and to guess their import, thus enveloped in mystery" (Radcliffe 1968, 132).
The first, "Maria de San Jose's World," includes a wealth of information about Mexican colonial society, Maria's family, life on her father's hacienda, and conventual practices and politics.
This situation prevails because the stimulational conditions for dreaming are very like the situations in all sorts of implicity, except in the amount of conventual control.
On 5 September 1912 the Conventual Chapter of Ampleforth monastery empowered Abbot Smith to establish a school at Calgary and to undertake a mission.
The "Templum Domini" became a church, and conventual buildings and a cloister were constructed to house its officiating clergy.