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using artistic forms and conventions to create effects

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We are here concerned with conventionalised expressions of human behaviour, i.e.
In terms of sound his music is highly individual and immediately identifiable, comprehensible on a first listen because of its iterative quality, rich in bizarre sounds with great evocative power, and characterised by microtonal deformations of the conventionalised elements of tonal music (it is old, so let it scrape away nostalgically).
It is perhaps worth noting, here, too, that Silences and Images also played with the issue of methodology and visibility as it is conventionalised in publishing of educational histories, through the form of the book itself, both in the layout of the book with references positioned in the margins, and in the form of the last 'chapter' (Linden) which consists of simply a series of photographs offering one possible, minimalist, 'reading' of the photographs, confronting readers directly and tangibly with the problem of reading--the relationship between data and evidence.
Many (cognitive) linguistic studies present their empirical analysis in a rather restrictive way: examples are stripped of any context and in most studies the type of data under investigation is limited to conventionalised language use.
They claim that mental spaces are built up dynamically in working memory and used for on-line meaning construction, but they can also become entrenched in long-term memory as conventionalised blends.
In the latter case, often as not one can see a pre- and post-Prozac period, the latter period often marked by greater output that has lost an animating tension between form and content, the former becoming a conventionalised delivery system for the latter.
As in all Mexican drawing, human figures are depicted in profile, with large heads, and with limb and body positions indicating conventionalised actions.