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a religious residence especially for nuns

a community of people in a religious order (especially nuns) living together

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We were happy to note that the Sisters had no intention to sell the land and buildings of the Convent schools for redevelopment,' he said in a statement here today.
He said the state was told that the Sisters were looking into the possibility of providing education that is in line with the ethos of the Convent schools.
The Presentation Convent School in Lalkurti opened in 1895, the result of a movement started by Nano Nagle in Ireland in 1775.
Principal Presentation Convent School Rawalpindi Sister Rehana Mehnga, Senior Sister Shameem and Sister Nargis along with the students attended the event.
It is so very rightly said that 'the education at a convent school is based strongly on the idea of teaching and extending discipline.
Valerie Warr, then Valerie Coghlan, was well aware of that when she left her convent school to take a degree in mechanical engineering at Liverpool university.
During the latter half of the nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth, a large number of affluent non-Catholic girls attended convent schools to receive a 'high" or 'good education' by the standards of the time.
They're run like convent schools. The first time I wanted to buy aspirin in Norway, I was shocked to learn that the government controls distribution of it, selling it at pharmacies (all state-owned) at ridiculously inflated prices.
The Sisters of Loreto, the Irish Catholic Nuns who established convent schools throughout India for the genteel education of proper (and wealthy) young ladies would undoubtedly be aghast to find themselves linked with the likes of Agnes Smedley, socialist, revolutionary and mistress of Virendranath Chattopadyaya, a leader of India's nationalist movement.
The Sisters of the Infant Jesus Provincialate Secretariat issued a statement to stress that they had no intention to sell the land and buildings of the convent schools for re-development.
The various stakeholders in the three convent schools facing closure should be given time and space to discuss the matter, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said.
The DAP legal bureau chief said the convent schools should continue as they are due to their historical importance, not only to Penang but Malaysia.
'This also shows the Selangor government is ahead of Putrajaya in championing the rights of education,' he said during his speech today, before handing out financial aids to over 200 vernacular and convent schools in Selangor.