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circulate hot air by convection

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The PTT model has two adjustable parameters with the use of the mixed upper and lower convected derivatives, and thus provides some ability to describe shear and elongational properties independently.
In the coming months, the company will be introducing a merchandiser featuring a convected air curtain that features both a stylish look and increases holding times of packaged grab-and-go food.
These results emphasize the important role the location of the exhaust vent plays in the multiple connected spaces problem; if the forced air is located in the space without the leak, the refrigerant will clearly be convected with the pressure-driven flow.
Their topics include physical quantities in convected coordinate systems, strain and strain rate tensors, convected derivative, hyperelasticity, and computational methods for finite strain elasto-plasticity.
He was indicted, tried and convected all at once with no jury, judge or trial.
Moreover, the Jeffrey model is relatively simpler linear model using time derivatives instead of convected derivatives for example the Oldroyd-B model does, it represents rheology different from the Newtonian (Bird et al.
Based on experiment research, the upper convected Maxwell constitutive equation is suitable to describe the viscoelastic of polymer solution.
21] used the Modified Variational Iteration Method (MVIM) to solve the Klein-Gordon equation and Raftari and Yldrm [22] found the analytical solution of magneto-hydro-dynamic boundary layer flow of an upper convected Maxwell fluid over a porous stretching sheet by HPM.
This vorticity is convected by the (non-lifting) flow past the stretched-straight body, and departs significantly from the purely longitudinal orientation of conventional lifting-surface theory.
The contaminant pushed out was convected upwards due to the effect of the ventilation system, which caused an abrupt increase in the contaminant concentration.
The heat energy is convected or mixed within the water vessels rather than slowly conducted through like the solid masonry.
As the accumulated heat is gradually convected by gas flow along the reactor structure the extinction at the entrance is exhibited so as a thermal wave is formed.
J, 1974,"Nonlinear transient analysis of shells and solids of revolution by convected elements.
The natural gas flame of this fire is energy-efficient, as most of the heat is radiated or convected into the room.