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circulate hot air by convection

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Under certain circumstances, the cloud cannot convect in a stable fashion and collapses to form a fountain-like structure over the vent, which feeds a series of pyroclastic flows--mixtures of incandescent pyroclastic fragments, volcanic gas, and entrained air--that can travel for at least tens of kilometers from the vent at speeds in excess of 100 m/s, eventually coming to rest to form a rock body called ignimbrite.
Flow rate is determined using CiDRA's array processing techniques to track the speed at which turbulent "eddies" inherent in virtually all industrial process flows, convect past the array of sensors.
KitchenAid's Easy Convect Conversion system requests the cook mode, then the standard cooking temperature and time.
Once Earth cools completely in the next few billion years, the mantle will cease to convect and the continental motion, driven by convection, will end.
In these dies, it was possible for melt to convect from the gate to its final location either by undergoing entirely shearing deformation or by a combination of shear and extension.
While regular air mattresses are the least expensive sleeping cushion, they are not very effective in cold weather, as your body heat has to convect in the large air chamber below you to keep you warm.
Try to keep large, dense masses out of the optical tube or where they may convect heat waves into the optical path.
Claimed features for the ovens included enhanced convection and thermal cooking; a Convect Full Meal program; two halogen lights on the sides for visibility without opening the door; large capacity; better closed-door broiling; an angled roasting rack; hidden floor element; universal controls, and flush design.
If the air temperature in the sunroom drops below 50|, the heat in the earth begins to convect into the air.
This air flow is helpful in keeping the roof sheathing cooler and in dissipating any moisture in the air that may convect from the living spaces.
Heat transfer from the high beam bulb is restricted by the high beam lens which absorbs a certain amount of heat that would otherwise radiate and convect directly onto the front lens.
However, when the GSA passed through a region, the surface waters became so fresh and light that even strong cooling would not allow it to convect into the deeper waters.
This is accomplished by imbedding the coordinate system within the fluid and letting it convect with the front.