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arrogantly insolent

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relaxes the exemplary damages standard of contumelious disregard in
(And he said that on Good Friday, when our Lord temporarily died on the Cross, [the Jews] in their blasphemous, contumelious passion, with their knives and various implements of iron, contemptuously, ignominiously, and cruelly pierced the aforesaid sacred hosts.
Iniuria "embraced any contumelious disregard of another's rights or personality.
(191.) Looking to English sources, Kent wrote: "The authorities show that blasphemy against God, and contumelious reproaches and profane ridicule of Christ or the Holy Scriptures ...
Gandhi would never have uttered such belligerent, mocking and contumelious words about another spiritual leader--all in the name of peace.
FOLLOWING my item about Tony Bennett's cheap party at the Royal Albert Hall, reader Richard Budgen writes: "I suppose it would have been too much to expect Scurra to have made any mention of the quality of the Tony Bennett concerts at the Royal Albert Hall; instead of making contumelious comments about the backstage facilities at the RAH.
But if he sack fair Athens, And take our goodly aged men by th'beards, Giving our holy virgins to the stain Of contumelious, beastly, mad-brain'd war, Then let him know, and tell him Timon speaks it, In pity of our aged and of our youth, I cannot choose but tell him that I care not.
William Tisdall: "I observed the dogs in the streets much more contumelious and quarrelsome than usual; and the very night before the bill went up, a committee of Whig and Tory cats had a very warm and loud debate upon the roof of our house" (147).
Such a technique, though much deprecated, often features in ordinary criminal trials as well, where prosecutors at times tend to portray defendants in contumelious terms while defense attorneys strive to present their names in honorable expressions.
Hence the interpretation of 116 as an `inverted dedication' advanced by Colin Macleod in a justly celebrated paper and as an apt conclusion to the contumelious epigrams which, in a sense, it ought to introduce.(102)
I offered this idea to Jim Farry and he told me that homologation would be a matter for the appropriate SFA committee and that they might turn out to be contumelious.
Instead he asserts that "in a popular dominion, there may be as many Neros as there are orators who soothe the people."(65) Taking a page from Machiavelli, Hobbes suggests that under a Nero only the ambitious who are "offensive and contumelious" live in danger and in what is almost certainly an autobiographical reference he remarks that in a monarchy whoever would lead a "retired life" has nothing to fear "let him be what he will that reigns."(66)
Appearing for the first tim in the play, Lord Talbot discourses on his recent captivity by the French: "Wit scoffs and scorns and contumelious taunts / In open marketplace produc'd they m / To be a public spectacle to all."(9) The uneasy correspondence between the shaming effects of display and commodification that energized the anti-theatrical polemics of the age comes into plain view here, presumably because it has been displaced onto the French.
One such unfortunate was a director interviewed by the Medveds but apparently unaware of the contumelious nature of the book they were planning.
alone, While the men they agonized for hurled the contumelious stone, Stood serene, and down the future saw the golden beam incline To the side of perfect justice, mastered by their faith divine, By one man's plain truth to manhood and to God's supreme design.