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shares owned by shareholders who have a controlling interest

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The control stock must have a 250-trading day average turnover between 80% and 120% of those of the optioned stock.
In other words, the investors can control stock market activity and plan in advance to lower prices in order to gain profit.
He added that the company's sales performance was helped by its ability to control stock levels during warm weather in April followed by a wet May, due to supply chain improvements.
1m as margins at Oasis were affected by initiatives to control stock levels.
These strategies include the government-sponsored improvement of commercial ranches, such as the building of enclosures/fences to control stock movement, and the improvement of water supply, pasture, and disease control.
system to produce invoices, record parts and control stock.
One member said, ''It was neither appropriate nor possible for a central bank to control stock prices by means of monetary policy, given that stock prices were a reflection of market participants' view of the outlook for corporate profits,'' according to the minutes.
Resource Systems helps long-term care facilities track resident charges, control stock room inventories, streamline product reordering, and track ADL observations through the use of bar code (and other) innovative data-collection technology.
Finally, the view that the existing margin statutes are necessary to control stock price volatility is not supported by empirical evidence that has accumulated since 1934.
We are installing a warehouse software program that will help us work with buyers to control stock, track the age of the inventory and determine the number of weeks it is in the warehouse," says Pilcher.
There's an old axiom among high volume retailers at major outlets to control stock inventories in accord to the narrow and deep" concept.
provides the industry's only commercial software to manage Rule 10b5-1 trading plans in addition to software and services for processing and reporting of restricted and control stock and insider trading compliance.
NET LITE includes a number of essential features for online retailers looking for simple and cost-effective software to list items, control stock, process orders and dispatch parcels.