control room

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a room housing control equipment (as in a recording studio)

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Control Room would be manned by two staff members available at following phone numbers 091-9216878, 091-9222073, 091-9221404, 0919222170 and on email Address: Complaints @bisep.
The caller would repeatedly call the control room, using offensive language and issuing threats.
Our CCTV network has as many as 52 cameras due to which it has become possible to check any unusual activity from the Central Control Room,' Mr Naqvi said.
Head of the Gwent Police force control room, superintendent Ian Roberts said it was "fantastic" the force was leading the way "in piloting such an advanced piece of technology".
We had to be confident the control room was isolated and not hazardous before crews could go in and we did this by working with engineers from the plant.
Through this partnership, Evosite will deliver customized end-to-end control room solutions to meet the evolving needs of the process control, pipeline and air traffic control markets throughout North America.
31pm police at Hillsborough sent a radio message to the force control room and asked for the ambulance service'sto be contacted and their senior officer to attend the control box.
The control room aims to implement judges' decisions and rulings related to provisional seizures, detentions, and travel bans, along with other orders, within less than an houraACA* earlier it used to take around a week.
While Grifols is currently improving many aspects of their Clayton site, continuing to prove their commitment to people and quality, the control room construction is slated to be completed by spring.
He said: "As far as I know, there is no clarity at all about what is happening with control rooms.
The Department of Energy's new Human System Simulation Laboratory (HSSL) at Idaho National Laboratory is a full- scale virtual nuclear control room that can test the safety and reliability of proposed technology replacements before they are implemented in commercial nuclear control rooms.
With the laser, laser plasma accelerator, ancillary equipment and radiation shielding already in place, the main center of activity surrounding the project will he the BELLA control room.
TWO neighbouring fire brigades are to get modernised mobilisation systems for their control room operators following a successful bid for PS3.
As the first step in its strategic plan to control traffic congestion on the main roads in Doha and the outskirts, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has since five months set up its control room to operate traffic signals under the integrated traffic system (ITS) , says a report in the local Arabic daily Al Watan.
FIRE chiefs have reassured the public that cuts to control room staff and extra non-emergency work will not impact on frontline services.