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an operation that controls the recording or processing or transmission of interpretation of data

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Despite a massive control operation in Iran, few un-controlled and un-detected locust swarms migrated in Balochistan-Pakistan during March, 2019.
Thoracic damage control operation: principles, techniques, and definitive repair.
That includes adding equipment in the master control operation center, which will play back all the programming on air and allow for the insertion of advertising on air.
South Wales Police were satisfied with crowd control operation for the Carling Cup tie at Swansea and are ready to reward Bluebirds supporters.
Features include a canister filter that collects 98% of 2-micron particles, a digital timer that can be set for up to 99 minutes, an infrared sensor that allows remote control operation and an all-metal duct for improved rigidity and air flow, the company says.
Hitachi's elevator earthquake control operation system will be available in the beginning of February 2007.
The new Altec digger/derrick contains all the most updated accessories available on 21st Century equipment, including wireless remote control operation. With this innovative accessory, the operator is able to control all functions of the derrick, including setting poles or digging pole holes, while standing up to 300 feet away from the truck.
* Automatic cycling, remote control operation standard
Wildview's .3 Megapixel VGA Digital Toggle-Switch Camera has a three-toggle system to control operation modes (on, off, test), four interval settings (1, 5, 10, 20 minutes) between motion detection and two levels of resolution (low QVGA and high VGA).
Application-specific logic routines and algorithms can be downloaded into the onboard reconfigurable FPGA, a Xilinx[R] Virtex-II[R] with up to 24K logic cells, to control operation of the I/O channels.
Three Eppendorf epMotion 5075 robotic liquid handling workstations feature an optical sensor to monitor labware and liquid levels on the 12-place deck, the ability to automatically change pipetting heads and move labware to various positions, and the user's choice of control panel or PC control operation. Base Model LH can be upgraded later to Model VAC, which has a built-in manifold and vacuum pump for walk-away automation of nucleic acid purification, or to Model MC, which has an integrated Mastercycler ep 96 or 384 for complete automation of PCR and sequence reactions.
"The main reason is a lack of new development assignments within our command and control operation, and the cutbacks we also need to make in management and administration," said Dan-Ake Enstedt, business unit manager at Saab Systems.
In this recent application in a new ten-storey apartment building in South London, Stopray Safir 61/32 glass has been installed to help optimize comfort light and views with full remote control operation.
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