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an operation that controls the recording or processing or transmission of interpretation of data

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Project Name: Guangxi guilin airport terminal and airdrome supporting facilities expansion project atc project control operation support system procurement projects(rebid)
To maintain this low vector population density, however, the pilot study concluded that public involvement was necessary because the vector repopulates the area soon after vector control operations move to another site (13).
Service control operation, maintenance and upgrading of municipal public facilities lighting Amorebieta.
Control operations have focused on several sectors, including chemical industries, ports and sewage treatment plants.
Nevertheless, as survey and control operations are presently limited by the lack of security, the population of locusts is expected to increase further, giving rise to more adult groups and swarms that are likely to move along the coast and into the interior, possibly reaching spring breeding areas in central Saudi Arabia, northern Oman and southeast Iran, the FAO reported.
The Local Order No 11 of 2003 gives the municipality the authority to monitor and control all pest control operations in the emirate of Dubai in order to maintain public health and safety," he said.
The new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) will create new challenges in terms of compliance with rules, so a method for assessing the cost-effectiveness of member states' control operations will need to be developed.
Summary: The government is set to coordinate the price and competition control operations, both at local and national levels, Minister of Economic and General Affairs, Nizar Baraka said on Thursday before the cabinet meeting.
UPM will be able to consolidate its control operations into a single central control room.
As a public service within the region, Cocesna's voice and data communication network provides information that is crucial to managing aircraft and airport traffic control operations.
This new version of Timbuktu software offers remote control operations allowing teachers and students to share screens, display work, transfer project files and communicate instantly, in both classroom and lab settings.
The QA-Lite software is year 2000 ready and uses automated function keys to simplify color quality control operations.
Using manufacturing software to control operations can be a daunting challenge but the payoff can be enormous.
As a supplement to the well contractor's or operator's oil spill contingency plan, the emergency response plan identifies procedures for handling scenarios that range from routine well control operations to situations involving a total loss of well control that would necessitate the immediate mobilization of personnel and equipment.
Cutting-edge technology to transform air traffic control operations like the development of a Smart Tower prototype for remote air traffic control operations will take centre stage in transformation efforts to generate better jobs, enhance productivity, and boos the competitiveness of Changi.
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