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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Exchange units are typically used when a control key, having isolated the electrical supply, needs to release multiple keys to allow access to a number of areas.
The new CITG brand incorporates Concorde Informatics and the company's recent acquisitions Phase CRS, Control Key and RW Communications to create a nationwide IT support and service organisation.
3 different control key patterns that prevent miss-mating.
But after seven months of being locked out of his motor, Toyota have finally agreed to fix Keith's remote control key.
What they then developed was a hybrid of both, with three principal transparent zones within a solid open-sided box, and when the site was finally known the material composition and size of apertures were arranged accordingly to control key views.
THE EUROPEAN Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has warned better monitoring tests are required before it can confidently back using vaccinations to control key poultry killer Newcastle Disease.
The efforts have reportedly stalled over who will control key cabinet posts in a future government.
New in 2006 was the federal label on Rimon brand insecticide on apples and very recently on head and stem Brassica crops to control key economic pests.
Both projectors include a remote control with USB Remote Receiver that can be used as a wireless mouse, and can control key projector functions commonly used during a presentation.
Included is the Presentation Kit, a remote control with USB Remote Receiver that can be used as a wireless mouse and can control key projector functions.
In addition, educators will benefit from Canon's Presentation Kit, which includes a remote control with a USB remote receiver that can be used as a wireless mouse or to control key projector functions commonly used during presentations.
With SolidVision, companies can leverage and control key information in the supply chain, which can increase their ability to compete on a global level," said Mike Mayoras, DigiTerra's president.
Doctrinal issues included integrated policy and export control key interests as we continue to fight the war on terrorism.
Hold down the Control key and click on the words ``Script Editor'' for an interesting surprise.
Sakura Friend failed to properly control key undisclosed information on its corporate clients since April 2000, which could have resulted in insider trading, according to the SESC.