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an electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube

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They stably occupied control grids established in ecotonal areas, reaching densities of ~47 individuals/ha, and were only trapped in aspen-meadow ecotones and aspen treefall gaps during pre- experimental surveys (Spaeth, 2007).
Improvements in control grid structures and multistage beam collectors, called depressed collectors, have also added to the life of the tubes.
Regardless of the significance of the ANOVA, a series of more powerful a priori comparisons of tebuthiuron treated versus control grid densities were conducted within each season (Sokal and Rohlf, 1981).
It's all to do with the rejigging of the control grid to offer some new variety after adecadeor more around central England and the Welsh borders.
Product certification ensures acceptance by state and local inspectors, and the utilities which control grid interconnection.
The winter access road into the site and the surface control grid are being established in preparation for the diamond drilling program to follow.
For this set RF power amplifier Tetrodenbasis in push-pull operation respectively, an adapter is required, which for both vacuum tubes a common anode voltage between 22 kV to 27 kV at pulse currents up to 150 A, two screen grid supply also under pulse load of 1 kV to 2 kV to 10A, two control grid supplies from 0 V to -750 V and the filament current of the output stage provides.
Open Competition: the right to conclude a service contract for the development of the concept of governance grid complex and feasibility study of the target version control grid complex
Phase II calls for control grid establishment and infill geochemical sampling to be followed by drilling in Phase III to test key zones.
The subject of the public contract in terms of construction and architectural design is especially built two new floors central control grid 22 kV and 110 kV together with the necessary technological and administrative facilities to loose the hall, which is owned by the authority, within the company TeplEirny Brno, as on the street pitEilka 6 in Brno.