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someone with a compulsive desire to exert control over situations and people

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Sure, control freaks can be annoying (sometimes those opinions get offered even when you don't ask for them), a little overbearing (so maybe I have been known to reset dinner tables, rearrange Christmas trees and reorganize makeup drawers while in someone's bathroom) and sometimes downright irritating (I am pretty sure Uber has a flag on my profile that says "backseat driver").
"Control freaks tend to publicly admonish their inferiors, especially during meetings.
"iplan provides the perfect antidote to our control freak tendencies, while saving customers money and reducing energy consumption.
Azinger said: "I am a control freak. If I have to bend, it can be difficult but I'm willing to bend if I think it's the right thing to do."
The brainchild of singer/guitarist/ legendary control freak Mizutani Takashi, Rallizes appeared in Kyoto in the late '60s with violently loud, feedback-drenched "total sensory assaults" complete with Exploding Plastic Inevitable-inspired, seizure-inducing strobes and projections.
WAYNE ROONEY is 8-1 with Lad-brokes to be sent off in Manchester United's first league clash with Everton this season after the England striker branded his former Toffees boss David Moyes as a "control freak", writes Ian Wilkerson
Add to this possible romance a group of quirky characters like: Veronica, the control freak show's producer who, it turns out, could give Martha Stewart a run for her homemaker money and is a "fourth-generation lesbian" (143); Lillian, the show's septuagenarian, hard-of-hearing, call-screener; Hilton's lesbian roommates, Jessie the "irresponsible" one who is looking for her future; and Liz the grad student who is dating a woman who carries around a teddy bear named Amelia Bearhart; and Shannon, Hilton's Great Pyrenees dog, who accompanies her everywhere and is remarkably clear at expressing her opinions.
The only thing worse than a petulant childlike control freak in your book club, sports team, classroom, scout troop or volunteer organization is a really smart one who grows up and becomes Prime Minister.
It's a combination character study, idiosyncratic autobiography, frontier adventure tale, sci-fi movie, and interdisciplinary documentary, in which Zittel presents herself as artist, citizen, tinkerer, visionary, control freak, renegade, and glam queen.
It didn't jive with the control freak in me at first, but then I'd look around the room and see who I'm in the room with, and if I think I, by myself, know better than the five of us collectively--then I'm a bigger fool than I thought.
While the two try to sort out their relationship, Bonny's best friend Liz comes to dinner with a control freak named Kell, who lures her to a commune in Scotland.
Tom Daschle, the Senate Democratic Leader, recently described his Republican counterpart, Trent Lott, as a "control freak" Obviously reluctant to violate senatorial rules of courtesy, Daschle tried to explain: "You know I love him, but I think he wants control.
But I absolutely don't think you should get in touch with them and instantly start telling them what you really think of their dad and accusing him of being a bully or a control freak. He's their father after all and as they've already lost their mum, they don't need to hear anybody bashing their dad - and it won't help you forge a close relationship with them either.
BEYONCE'S first boyfriend, a discreet chap called Lyndall Locke, has gone on record saying that even when she was a teenager, Beyonce was "a control freak".