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a standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment

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The difference in preference for the healthy food between the love condition and the control condition was also significant, [M.
The positive emotion control conditions, as well as the neutral control condition, were not shown to be significantly associated with an increase in spirituality.
Electrical stimulation, but not the control condition, increased the frequency of both index finger and hand tapping movements performed as fast as possible with the affected hand.
The findings came in line with previous research on attention focus, which showed that during standing for Parkinson's disease patients, directing attention to the effects of an individual's movement on the environment (external focus) improved postural stability, compared with internal focus and control conditions.
Twelve participants were assigned to each the 3 conditions (6 males in the control condition, 6 males in the backpack condition, and 4 males in the RFOV condition).
By averaging data from many brains and then subtracting responses to control conditions from those to experimental conditions, fMRI researchers artificially create islands of brain activity for whatever they happen to be studying, in Freeman's view.
At least one sizable trial has been mounted to test a violence prevention program based on a set of elementary schools that were randomly assigned to the program and to a control condition.
The consent solicitation is also subject to satisfaction of the change of control condition.
Simple main effect contrasts confirmed that people in the lack of control condition (M = 3.
Six matched pairs of IBS patients (aged 23-58 yrs) were randomly assigned to either a gut-directed hypnotherapy (6 Ss) or to a symptom monitoring wait-list control condition (6 Ss) in a multiple baseline across Ss design.
It is also noteworthy that the runners heart rates were equivalent among the running trials, even when they had cycled with a 20% faster cadence than the control condition.
In the control condition of each EMF study, the women were exposed overnight to the ambient 60-Hz background magnetic field measured in the laboratory ([is less than or equal to] 0.
A prevention trial tested the efficacy of "INSIGHTS into Children's Temperament" as compared to a Read Aloud attention control condition in reducing student disruptive behavior and enhancing student competence and teacher classroom management.
This paper outlines a method of determining the achieved relative strength (ARS) of an intervention by calculating the extent to which core intervention components are present in both the treatment and control condition.
The Competition and Markets Authority has published the Competition Commission s final determination on Northern Ireland Electricity Ltd s price control conditions.