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ASCII characters to indicate carriage return or tab or backspace

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The word transmitter decides the control characters required to be sent to the PC along with the data and accordingly prefixes these characters with the block of data to be sent.
As a result, all text, numbers, punctuation, control characters, graphics, and pictures must be translated (or coded) into binary numbers.
Contract award notice: delivery of the communication and signs - card vehicle registration certificates, permits temporary permits temporary re-use, labels control characters legalization, stickers on temporary plates, driving licenses, driving licenses international for the department of communications and transportation district office in debica for 2016 .
A key result of this brainstorming was a new animation tool called Premo, which allows animators to control characters with strokes of digital pens.
His high-paced style and barely under control characters are addictive.
The primary difference is that Windows-1252 substituted printable characters for the control characters located in the 0x80 to 0x9F range in ISO 8859-1.
Manufacturers New Concept Gaming say it works with any game that uses the nunchuck joystick to control characters and jOG has the added bonus of helping you keep fit by measuring how many steps you take while playing.
The Wii is a revolutionary computer game - featuring a wireless controller which can detect movement in three dimensions, so a player can control characters on the screen.
They hope to identify genes that control characters important for developing new plant varieties and use them to boost their survival chances.
This beginner's guide demonstrates how to create an animated Flash movie, add buttons running ActionScript, work with bitmaps and text, control characters with Action Script, import sound and video, morph with shape tweens, and use templates to create a quiz.
ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a 7-bit code standard for representation of "Latin" characters, numbers, symbols and control characters, used in data representation.
Developers of the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto video game series have been no strangers to the controversy created by their games, which allow users to control characters who must commit violent and bloody crimes in order to make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld.
By attaching two cords to gloved hands, Gametrak interprets any movement accurately to 1mm, allowing the player to realistically control characters and actions without the need for a traditional joypad.
The case raises a number of issues related to intellectual property, perhaps none more contentious and fascinating than this one: Is it possible to control characters and texts that have entered the public domain in fact, if not in law?
5Mb/s and an ability for users to add additional characters either before or after the magnetic strip data as control characters specific to the application.