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the factors that affect the amount of benefits the seller can confer on those rivals that have cooperated by reciprocating--the frequency with which the contriver is second-placed to supply a buyer the cooperator is best-placed to supply and the average amount by which the contriver is better-placed to supply those buyers than are their third-placed suppliers,
The Divine Intelligence is not, Mill said, an "Omnipotent Creator" but the "extremely probable one" of "a contriver working under the limitation of inexorable laws and indestructible properties of matter":
In combining modules and strings, for a PV system without compromising on the efficiency of the inverter, broad input voltage range of 250V to 1000V gives the system contriver a high flexibility.
The 157th principle of the constitution says: "The leader determines a just and wise priest who is headmaster, contriver and familiar with judicial affairs for five years as the head of the judiciary, in order to carry out all judicial responsibilities in all judicial and administrative affairs that is the supreme authority of the judiciary.
Jonson not only admired the Jacobean court; as an expert contriver of court masques, he actively encouraged its delusions and extravagance.
Hemingway had been to war too, and had been wounded, but despite the gloss of misery and disenchantment that overlaid his work, Jim maintained, [Hemingway] was at heart a war lover, a macho contriver of romantic effects, and to all but the gullible and wishful the lie showed glaringly through the fabric of his books and in his life.
Or born contriver Grylls tucked up in a warm hotel when he was supposed to be braving the harsh conditions of the wilderness.
She's a clever contriver, adept at adding a patina of apparent relevance, even a veneer of feminism, to situations that are otherwise bogus and artificial.
9) After all, it seems only plausible to suppose that if there indeed is a deity acting as the intelligent contriver of the universe, he would have prevented all sorts of misfortunes and disasters.
Not part goat, part ghost, but An outward and visible cipher of an inward and spiritual Contriver, who does an old man polish brass And peer from a door, as if for his life, wondering Why it never arrived, or trail his foot Past a funeral parlour that says, 'We're here to help you'?
Mencken asserted that Howells "was a first-rate journeyman, a contriver of pretty things, a clever stylist--but it will also show a long row of uninspired and hollow books, with no more idea in them than so many volumes of the Ladies' Home Journal.
Yet later, an ageing Arieka has to deduce: 'So Ionides, cynic, atheist, contriver, liar, believed in god
Parker, at a time when photographs did not exist, sent the Governor a description of "Nat the Contriver and leader of the late insurrection in this county", which the Governor included in a Proclamation for a reward of $500 which he issued on September 17th.
If the parts of a thing fulfill the goal of the whole, purpose in the construction and an intelligent contriver can be implied.
The identity of the patron has been uncertain as well, although it has generally been agreed that Isaac de Caus was its contriver and designer.