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Synonyms for contrived

Synonyms for contrived

not natural or spontaneous

Synonyms for contrived

showing effects of planning or manipulation

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artificially formal

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Sig's latest clown painting depicts her sister Polly (Carrie Preston), who takes one look and promptly flees back to the family homestead in Upstate New York for solace in her father's company, where she's soon followed, somewhat contrivedly, by Sig, with Titus in tow.
He is last seen, contrivedly in Ostend, "robbed of his beauty," a face on a missing persons photo.
15) And "voice" here is as contrivedly spoken and conversational as it is in Stafford's poem: just as no one would ever "say," "By glow of the tail-light I stumbled back of the car," or "purred the steady engine," as Stafford's speaker does, so too no one would ever "say," "a dove corpse, oddly featherless, / alive with flies," or "I scooped it up, heaved it.
3) I This prescription accounts for much of what Konwicki has been doing in his writing over the last decade or so, especially in the professedly modest guise of revealing his thoughts, beliefs, and way of life through anecdotes and contrivedly idle speculations emanating from his desmesne in Warsaw on New World Avenue, with his cat, Ivan, companion of his mischief and tantrums, reminiscences and dreams.
Moore and Krasinski have proven themselves decent comic talents, but they're given little to do here as the screenplay contrivedly turns Sadie into bridezilla and Ben into an insensitive bozo.