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in a rueful manner

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Contritely, if it is unpleasant and negative then it is defined as unsatisfied.
Masha even believes that "he understood the cause of this feeling," and we might, too, except for this: When she approaches the piano of her own volition, moved not by the need to act contritely but by her newly found self-reliance and inner confidence, Sergei promptly locks the instrument and hides the key in his jacket pocket.
"It's my older brother's," I said contritely, allowing tears to form in my eyes and slide gently down my cheek in what I hoped was a picture of abject misery and fear.
'Sorry,' he said contritely, offering his hand, 'we thought you were a Jew.'"--BBC Cairo Correspondent Thomas Dinham.
Forgiveness may be initiated by-reasoning, simply experiencing positive other-oriented emotions toward the transgressor, acting kindly toward the transgressor, or having the transgressor act contritely or in a way that provokes empathy, sympathy, compassion, or love.
Upon hearing this, I quickly but politely denied that I was under the influence and calmly explained the reasons for my erratic driving, apologizing contritely. !
He is now repenting his mistakes and contritely appealing for another chance to fulfill their expectations.
"What happened is I rushed and did not write down the result before announcing it," he said, contritely.
They do eventually meet again and Jacob contritely faces Esau, who has decided to forgive his brother.
"But what do the numbers tell us?" I asked contritely.
The happy ending seems a little too pat, with the primary "villain" contritely admitting his mistake and all being forgiven.
with him on that fateful night did the trick, where, wearing only my jim-jams, I told him he needed to sort his head out and he contritely and solemnly agreed he was wasting his talent.
In his distinctly Northern way, this lad from Leeds - to whom he contritely returned library books 25 years overdue in a pantechnicon - was a constant child.
One particular student who was suspended, eventually returned contritely to pass with honours.
Half an hour later, the third-floor gentleman arrives contritely. He's holding an unwrapped, fake pearl necklace.