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in a rueful manner

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They do eventually meet again and Jacob contritely faces Esau, who has decided to forgive his brother.
The happy ending seems a little too pat, with the primary "villain" contritely admitting his mistake and all being forgiven.
with him on that fateful night did the trick, where, wearing only my jim-jams, I told him he needed to sort his head out and he contritely and solemnly agreed he was wasting his talent.
In his distinctly Northern way, this lad from Leeds - to whom he contritely returned library books 25 years overdue in a pantechnicon - was a constant child.
One particular student who was suspended, eventually returned contritely to pass with honours.
Half an hour later, the third-floor gentleman arrives contritely.
These wild speculations were broadly ridiculed while, at the same time, contritely praised for offering explanations based on invisible objects.
The women had a lucky escape from death, everyone agreed, and they contritely put Bohunkus on the train as they had been advised to do in the first place.
Kett was captured, taken to the Tower of London, condemned to death and brought back to Norfolk to be hanged outside the main entrance to Norwich Castle, as a plaque set up in 1949 contritely records.
The tulip heads in Martin's bouquet bent their heads contritely toward Esad, as though worshipping his grief, or saying good-bye to him, vermilion in their beautiful shame, conducting the pulse and emotion coursing through Martin's trembling fingers as he held the bouquet.
It is time for you and your kind to humbly and contritely open the doors and windows and live transparent lives of servanthood, as did Christ.
McNeir shows how Edmund goes through a distinctly Christian conversion process by contritely confessing his sins, acknowledging just punishment, and then being "touched" by Edgar's account of Gloucester's death, and I am indebted to him for this insight.
finally, contritely promise to adhere to a new compromise if allowed to
The trouble with these narrative digressions, taken up as we have been with bothersome detours, is that one can find, too late, of course, almost without noticing, that events have moved on, have gone on ahead, and instead of us announcing what is about to happen, which is, after all, the elementary duty of any teller of tales worth his salt, all we can do is confess contritely that it already has.