contributory negligence

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(law) behavior by the plaintiff that contributes to the harm resulting from the defendant's negligence

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In tort, contributory negligence sharply limits a plaintiff s ability to recover if she herself acted negligently.
Similarly, even if the plaintiff proved all the elements against a defendant, the defendant would still prevail by proving the plaintiff guilty of contributory negligence.
Yet although a consensus rapidly formed in favour of replacing contributory negligence with comparative negligence, supporters of the new rule nevertheless ran into a potential problem: the rule of contributory negligence had been around for hundreds of years and had been repeatedly reaffirmed and elaborated during that time.
13) The slight-gross rule developed in response to the harsh contributory negligence rule, (14) but throughout its historical life, experiments with the slight-gross comparative negligence scheme failed by judicial fiat in all the states.
Also, Illinois had adopted comparative fault while Virginia still followed contributory negligence.
She said that the allegedly negligent acts of the Superintendent which the defendants relied on for their defense of contributory negligence were committed by his exercising the regulatory function prior to the time he became the liquidator.
California Supreme Court abandoned contributory negligence in favor of
For reasons of equity, most states have passed legislation endorsing the use of the comparative negligence defense, supplanting the contributory negligence defense (see http://www.
On merits, the West Bengal State Consumer Commission held that Parolia failed to prove that he had taken the journey for business purpose and that he was guilty of contributory negligence for his failure to keep the valuable documents with himself.
Efficient Employee Behavior a) Irrelevance of Contributory Fault b) The Importance of Employee Behavior for Efficient Deterrence c) Justifying the Disregard for Contributory Negligence B.
We were ready for a court battle and to show that there was a contributory negligence on the part of the parents," he said.
In legal terms, all cyclists should note that if they are involved in an accident, contributory negligence (meaning that an accident victim could be partly at fault for their injury) is increasingly being taken into consideration by insurance firms and judges if a cyclist was riding without a helmet when the accident occurred.
The defense raised legal arguments of contributory negligence, assumption of risk, and intervening cause, but was unsuccessful.
In fact, one case cited by Edwin involved a situation in which a trial court found contributory negligence on the part of a patient involving the issue of inihrmed consent, or the lack thereof The court noted that on appeal in that cas the Supreme Cowl of Wisconsin held, in pertinent part, that contributory negligence may apply in informed consent cases, but only in certain extraordinary circumstances