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Synonyms for contributive

tending to contribute to a result

Synonyms for contributive

tending to bring about

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Article 39 : [beaucoup moins que]Tous supportent, en proportion de leurs facultAaAaAeA@s contributives, les charges publiques que seule la l peut, dans les formes prAaAaAeA@vues par la prAaAaAeA@sente Constitution, crAaAaAe rAaAaAeA@partir[beaucoup plus grand que
He added that the future of the status of woman in the Sultanate will be better and promising, as the opportunities that benefit women give us a clear signal that their role will be bigger as she will be more empowered, educated and trained, and therefore require her to be more contributive to the society, as the rate of woman in education is bigger, like her rate in the empowerment programs, in addition to her opportunities in training programs.
Similarly to the rest of the country, the health system of the population of San Cristobal is covered by two regimes: contributive and subsidized.
From the door study, it has been revealed that the particleboard was the most contributive element to the score of raw materials in each of the four damage categories.
What makes Corpi's essay a contributive force to this experience is that she documents the battles with self-determination in the United States and Mexico.
Assessment of anxiety can serve as one of the key contributive factors in oral health practitioners looking to provide additional behaviorally-oriented fear management strategies.
While there is no proof that violent media are a direct cause of violent behavior, studies demonstrate at least a contributive effect on individuals who are inclined to be violent.
And of course, post-Soviet Russia is still a well-educated and naturally well-endowed nation with huge contributive potential in every field of science.
The results stated that intervention through flip teaching is more contributive.
From the perspective of contributive justice (that the laws must promote the common good), it is unjust for private banks to have a monopoly privilege in the creation of new money because this gives private interests excessive control over the whole economy.
Please, Linda, be less of a panjandrum, verging on the pompous, and more of a realist, by recognising that Paphos zoo is actually well run, providing a sensible and contributive public service and facility of real interest to very large numbers of residents and visitors alike.
Education offers these children a chance to become contributive members involved in the promotion of peace and love worldwide instead.
By educating refugee children, we save them from falling into the quagmire and the aftermath of wars that may affect them psychologically, causing them to feel bitter and angry and wanting to take revenge, rather than being contributive members involved in the promotion of peace and love worldwide.
I used these building blocks to share my opinion in a way that was respectful and contributive to the betterment of the brand.
From being a good way of bridging the gap between seniors and teenagers to a means for prisoners to release their anger in a productive and contributive manner, gardening has become a versatile activity providing many benefits.
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