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tending to bring about

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Fewer than 1 in 5 survey respondents (only 18 percent) say they are currently contributing to an IRA.
The pre-contribution gain or loss recognized is the difference between the FMV and tax basis of the property on the date of contribution, reduced by any portion of that amount already taken into income by the contributing member before the date of distribution under the Sec.
The City will be contributing toward necessary infrastructure improvements at both Shea and Yankee Stadiums, and toward parkland replacement for the Yankee Stadium area.
Role conflict and ambiguity, value conflicts, feelings of isolation, and working with high stress clients or in high stress fields of practice are some of the key organizational factors identified in the literature as contributing to burnout.
In addition to feeling safer, students have more time to talk about their own personal experiences contributing to self-directed and collaborative learning.
Furthermore, the acid may function synergistically with the sugar in regular pops contributing to rampant caries.
By contributing up to the current allowable limits, you automatically lower your taxable income.
In order to comply with Nevada's minimum premium-to-asset ratio for insurance companies, the individual tax payer in Peracchi was faced with contributing additional capital to his closely-held corporation, NAC.
but because their emissions of methane gas are causing the atmosphere to heat up, thus contributing to the "greenhouse effect" and the depletion of the ozone layer.
They say significant hurdles remain before they'll be able to sort out the various contributing factors.
With the addition of these additional wiki- and community-based features, users will now be equipped with tools to positively impact swicki search results with simple actions such as polling, commenting and contributing.
While there is a problem with contributing cash and appreciated property in exchange for stock and debt in a single Sec.
As Canada's wealthiest diocese, Toronto is committed to contributing the largest amount, $5 million, to the $25-million fund that caps church liability in damage suits brought by natives alleging abuse in the now-defunct school system.
For CPAs this case illustrates the importance of carefully examining the form of a transaction when a client is contributing assets to a controlled corporation.
Some employers have sought to reduce transaction costs or improve cash flow by contributing property rather than cash to their benefit plan obligations.