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La contredanse et les renouvellements de la danse francaise.
Like its predecessor, the contredanse francaise or cotillion, it was performed by four couples facing each other in a square.
Elizabeth served as camera operator for the six movies they shot, some in color and some in black-and-white: a simulated rara parade, a singer named Francelia that Lomax recorded frequently, a Seremoni Zando with a manje lwa (feast for the deities), a contredanse with matinik drumming, and a staged Vodou dance with drums outside a peristil (including a section in slow motion, anticipating Maya Deren's frequent use of slow-motion techniques to capture the subtle and sensational aspects of Vodou performance in the late 1940s).
After overhearing a conversation among the latter, Don Preciso realizes that the attraction of these diminutive men is their skill at a new form of contredanse innovated by one Don Currutaco and his companion the Abate Pirracas.
The song was a danzon (rhythm descended from European social dances like the French contredanse and Spanish contradanza, but with the addition of rhythms derived from African folk music).
Elle allait, revenait, barrant le trottoir a tout passant, avec ici et la la double avance d'un corps imitant le lascif balance d'une contredanse.
Picking up on various clues in the music (the gradual move towards the prototype contredanse melody which would find its way into the finale of the Eroica Symphony, the sudden accents, even a memory of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony finale), Ms Gaigg is not backward about coming forward with forceful emphases more at home in Beethoven's grander style, often rasped out by the horns.
The unfolding of the controversy, on some construals, might seem to exemplify a (slowly) progressive, modernist narrative, or a contredanse between modernist and prudential reasoning.
The name derives from an Afro-Cuban dialect, but despite its obvious African influence it is based on the 5panish contredanse style, which itself came from England.
This square form, which illustrates the French influence on English country-dance, became increasingly popular in the second half of the eighteenth century: "the square form of the contredanse, or cotillon, gained some popularity in England through works such as G.
In my own teaching, even students who are well aware of current thinking about performance practices are usually at a loss when asked to define the character of a given movement or theme even though Haydn does write themes in a variety of styles (march, contredanse, sarabande etc.
For example, in using dance notation and dance treatises to recreate the choreography of the bourree, contredanse, Deutscher-Walzer, and landler, Lawrence Zbikowski and Eric McKee rightly emphasize the importance of dance-music relations and "embodied meanings.
She then focuses more directly on the Caribbean and Atlantic diaspora, beginning with a discussion of dances that are related to European contredanse, though some, particularly the bele lino of Martinique, seem so African in their expression that others may suspect that their basic DNA is African, with some morphology shared with contredanse.
30)hasn't liveduptoexpectationsyet, but as a sister to Italian Oaks winner Contredanse, Sir Mark Prescott's filly is bredtobesmartandshegot off the mark in impressive styleat YarmouthinJuly.
The Luca Cumani-trained Contredanse heads a fourstrong British challenge for the Grade 1 EP Taylor Stakes, while Baltazaar's Gift and Serious Attitude take on the locals in the Grade 1 Nearctic Stakes.