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Synonyms for contravention

Synonyms for contravention

an act or instance of breaking a law or regulation or of nonfulfillment of an obligation or promise, for example

Synonyms for contravention

coming into conflict with


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A declaration that the nomination by the President and approval by the National Assembly of persons for the Cabinet Secretaries' positions was done in contravention of the principal of rule of law and good governance in total disregard of Article 27 on equality and equal opportunities including the requirement that an appointive body should not have more than two-thirds of persons of the same gender," reads a court document filed the group.
Such practice of Google was unfair to the users and was found to be in contravention of the provisions of Section 4(2)(a)(i) of the Act.
However, CCI did not find any contravention in respect of Google's specialised search design(OneBoxes), AdWords, online intermediation and distribution agreements.
Prairie Mines & Royalty ULC pleaded guilty to one count of carrying on a work, undertaking or activity that resulted In in the harmful alteration or disruption, or the destruction, of fish habitat in contravention of s.
Khartoum, 4 May (SUNA)- An Ad Hoc Committee set to study the situation of the Sudanese nationals in contact with the law in Saudi Arabia, started studying various proposals and possibilities of streamlining the situation of the Sudanese who are in contact with the law or are in contravention of the stay regulations and permits in that country.
Publish any photograph, portrait or sketch taken or made in contravention of the foregoing provisions of this section or any reproduction thereof.
The suo moto notice was taken upon receipt of a PUC/Letter (anonymous) against illegalities, contravention and violations in appointments within NAB.
To have expected Pitch was in contravention guidelines, for fair contest between bat
The operators can either use a joystick inside the car to direct the camera - which has a 300m zoom - towards offenders, or in "unattended" mode which will see GPS pick up any parking contravention when the car drives past any area with parking restrictions.
Accordingly the penalty charges payable on issue of a Penalty Charge Notice will be in respect of a Higher Level parking contravention PS70 and in respect of a Lower Level parking contravention PS50.
Contravention of prohibition of driving vehicle along or across median strip
SIR - Is it not a contravention of the Trade Description Act when commuters are sold tickets for seats on train journeys and - because of the inadequacies of the service - have to stand most, or all, of the distance travelled?
BREAKING THE RULES: 27 women's stores were found to be employing men in contravention of a law stipulating that shops selling women's products employ only female workers.
IFSQ managed clients' investments causing it to breach the scope of its authorisation, in contravention of Article 11(2) of the Qatar Financial Centre Law;