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Synonyms for contravene

Synonyms for contravene

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

Synonyms for contravene

go against, as of rules and laws

deny the truth of

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Despite respondents' positivity about their employers' provisions for BYOD policy, with 45% agreeing this empowers them, in total, 51% said they would contravene any policy in place banning the use of personal devices at work or for work purposes.
A treasury spokesperson said, 'This decision contravenes European law and fundamental single market principles by preventing the clearing of some financial products outside the euro area.
He added: "I spoke to several club representatives about the issue and they all told me that it was a friendly match and therefore would not contravene my ban from the ICC.
He added: "I would not be stupid enough to knowingly play in a match that I knew would contravene my ban.
In this case, disclosure would contravene the first data protection principle, which states that personal information must be processed fairly and lawfully.
BRUSSELS: The European Union executive criticized Denmark's plans to introduce border controls Friday, saying any permanent customs checks would contravene EU rules on free movement of people and goods.
to Afghanistan, but then Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda brushed the idea aside, saying it could contravene the Constitution.
Summary: The Swiss government urged voters on Thursday to reject a proposed ban on new minarets, saying it would contravene religious freedom and human rights, and could provoke extremists.
The construction permits appear to contravene Israel's obligations.
In his letter to Speed, Khan warned: "Comments made by Darrell Hair and indeed yourself appear to contravene the very provisions of the code of conduct you have quoted in detail.
Her reason: such marriages contravene the right of children to know both of their biological parents (for the same reason she also does not support artificial procreation).
Advocating connections in this capacity is necessary, because important Canadian issues, such as softwood lumber tariffs, which contravene the NAFTA agreement, are "completely invisible on the radar screen of U.
Screening out companies that contravene an institution's mission (e.
The five organisations claim that the plan would contravene EU environmental legislation, and could cost EU tax payers up to Euro seven billion.
Nothing wrong with a Webcast, of course -- but the California-based networking equipment maker appeared to contravene the Securities and Exchange Commission's recent Regulation FD ("fair disclosure") rules by not issuing a press release first, covering an announcement about disappointing sales.