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having sharp differences between black and white


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He also shoots in grainy, contrasty black and white, which makes skin look toughened and tired and the space around it harsh, combating any exotic narrative that the story of Sabine, to the extent that we know it, might otherwise suggest.
Finally, the electrons emitted from the inner face of the third screen were amplified and projected onto the optical eyepiece, whereupon the operator saw an image resembling a small, contrasty, green television picture.
La carta transcrita es recogida por Garate de Contrasty, J.
I would suggest people go out when the sky is contrasty," said Mr Soper.
GETTING STARTED Select prints that are less contrasty.
The colours in this mix include bright oranges, vibrant reds and hot pinks and some plum shades, each flower with a stunningly contrasty black centre.
Plain designs make small rooms look bigger, while swirly or contrasty patterns do the opposite.
This way we could desaturate the colors and make scenes more dramatic yet contrasty at the same time with stronger blacks.
I sometimes think he cultivated the ability to savor things--small things like the contrasty form and weight of a cufflink against a smooth cotton shirt or the taste of French dark chocolate, large things like the haunting lines on home and loss by the twelfth-century monk Hugo of St.
It makes the nicest-looking light and is not as contrasty as you would get midday.
We have all seen books with pictures that are too dark, too light, too contrasty, not contrasty enough, too small, blurred, upside down, or reversed.
His wonderfully contrasty pictures made us all aware of the noble, Roman solidity of some of the structures and the simple, honed elegance of their detailing.
From a famous occurrence, a rather pretty item showing bright red spots of proustite in a contrasty black and white matrix, as long as the price per kilo was most reasonable.
For the elongation measurements a contrasty tape pattern code was applied to the gauge length of the sample, namely fifteen white stripes on dark ground.