contrast medium

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a substance that is opaque to x-rays

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On the basis of available literature as also experts opinion the paper published in 2014 present a list of risk factors, the presence of witch should require baseline serum creatinine concentration before the use of iodinated contrast medium administration.
The primary exclusion criteria were hypersensitivity to contrast medium or statins, type 1 DM, ketoacidosis, lactic acidosis, Stage 0 or 1 CKD, Stage 4 or 5 CKD, acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction within the previous 4 weeks, Class IV heart failure (as defined by the New York Heart Association [NYHA] functional classification system), hemodynamic instability, administration of iodinated contrast medium during the 2 weeks before randomization, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) concentration <1.
No significant association was found between NGAL levels measured 2 hours after the application of contrast medium and urea or creatinine levels measured at 72 hours.
contrast medium compared with patients undergoing an imaging examination without contrast medium (control group), the incidence of AKI, dialysis, and death was similar between the contrast medium group and control group.
Almost all previously reported cases of intravasation had happened when oil-soluble contrast medium was used.
Contrast medium: Low osmolar and non ionic iomeprol (Iomeron 300 produced by Santa Farma, Italy) having 300 mg iodine per milliliter was used as contrast medium in this study.
It is known that serum iodine concentration clearly raises and iodine accumulates in salivary glands after administration of iodinated contrast medium.
Lateral and dorsoventral survey radiographs were obtained before and after injection of the contrast medium using a fine-screen, high-detail film combination (Agfa Medical X-ray film, CP-G plus, Agfa-Gevaert N.
Failure of gel barrier formation occurred only in those cases in which >300 mL of contrast medium was injected and blood was drawn immediately after the radiographic procedure.
In patients with diabetes or renal impairment undergoing angiography, using a contrast medium that is iso-osmolar to blood such as iodixanol may prevent nephrotoxicity, said Dr.
During some CT scans, a contrast medium (commonly called "dye") is used to outline blood vessels or fill up organs of the body (eg, liver, kidneys) so that they can be seen more easily.
Use a conventional contrast medium, but require premedication with steroids and antihistamines to reduce complications.
Given the increase in patients with CKD and also with heart disease we wanted to investigate if there was a difference in renal and cardiovascular complications between the isosmolar contrast medium iodixanol and the low osmolar contrast medium iopromide," said Dr.