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a substance that is opaque to x-rays

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However, each imaging mode requires a specific class of contrast agent which cannot be used together.
It is the first time a non-synthetic contrast agent has been used in human magnetic resonance tomography examinations, and the results are promising.
To address the need for an MRI contrast agent that demonstrates greater effectiveness and lower toxicity, Dr.
The fabrication of novel nanobubble ultrasound contrast agent for potential tumor imaging.
If the synthetic HDL works as well in people, Cormode says, the new contrast agent will improve physicians' ability to track the effectiveness of plaque-busting treatments.
Milk may be an ideal contrast agent and play a large role for those who refuse to drink traditional contrast agents, such as children," Dr.
The patients developed NSF within three months after receiving the gadolinium-containing contrast agent.
Contrast agents can be used with many types of imaging examinations, including x-ray exams, computed tomography scans and magnetic resonance imaging.
a 277-bed acute care community hospital, increased costs related to the use of new low-osmolar contrast agents have been estimated to be at least $600,000 per year.
Ultrasound contrast agents are administered intravenously during a noninvasive ultrasound scan to improve image clarity.
The non-ionic, iso-osmotic, dimeric, iodine contrast agent containing iodine 320 mg / ml - 210 liters in packs:
To create an improved contrast agent for X-ray imaging, Wilson and his colleagues have also bonded multiple iodine atoms to the outside of C-60 molecules.
ICUS, a cross-specialty society of international medical experts, filed a Citizen Petition with the FDA in September asking the agency to remove boxed warnings from ultrasound contrast agents, stating that the warnings deter use of a safe, inexpensive and radiation-free diagnostic imaging tool with potential life-saving benefits for patients.
He and his colleagues have paired MRI with a special contrast agent to reveal changes in blood flow to brain tumors.
This property makes the compound a potential contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).