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Synonyms for contrariwise

in a contrary disobedient manner

with the order reversed

contrary to expectations

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'You see he held his handkerchief in front, so that the Carpenter couldn't count how many he took: contrariwise.'
Oga mi, feel free to argue your position, but you are acting contrariwise to your belief.
Contrariwise, socially intelligent members of the public are likely to see the police as having done their sacred duty to defend the Head of State and liberally congratulate them upon it.
Sebastian Basso, contrariwise, is a more direct precursor to Descartes since one finds all three characteristics of laws in his oeuvre.
Contrariwise, the temptation to conclude that all those names found in the papers are equivalent and rotten to the core is strong.
4 If you should fall clear to the other side of the world through a deep, long-lasting rabbit hole, is best not to ask where you are--for doing contrariwise will undermine the whole reason signs were invented and the whole reason you learned to read.
Contrariwise if the acetabular cup created by reaming is bigger than needed size, especially in older patients with osteoporosis, initial press fit fixation will not gain requisite cup stability6.
Contrariwise, the highest reproductive factor was observed on the highly susceptible cultivars followed by susceptible ones.
Contrariwise, the notch on the ZenFone 6 prototype is hard to ignore since it's off-center.
Those who win in one arena have the opportunity to assert their power in the other; contrariwise, the losers in one can seek redress through participation in the other.
Contrariwise, there exists a long list of dams that were built as planned, time- and cost-wise.
Rifaat proves, contrariwise, that the very concept of power can be redefined by women, and that the absence of women's voices can be a presence, as silence is a void that does not exist in a vacuum.
Contrariwise, a cynic may suggest that the peers in an internal tribunal will invariably vote in favor of their fellow nonsupervisory employee, but such a cynic is unjustly maligning the integrity of the peers.
And contrariwise, it's rare that someone who is careful and precise in his thought is sloppy in his writing.