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Synonyms for contrarious

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for contrarious

difficult to deal with

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But as the joking banter continues, the husband's speculations darken like the stream and pool forming the dark epiphanic enclosure against whose power the white, birdlike, eddying wave perseveres in its perpetual contrarious strife.
The white birdlike eddy in the Frostian dark epiphanic pool-enclosure is the solitary, contrarious power that resists the common flow; the eddy is the stubborn selfhood, "source" of life, braving the "stream that most we see ourselves in" (69).
1) leadership through ideas to consumers (Agora's contrarious point of view).
It is as if some contrarious scholar set out to write a book about the Holocaust devoid of any useful lessons for a later time or another situation.
The unexpectedness of that moment--when death intrudes itself on the anxious concerns of the living--is altogether characteristic of the contrarious imagined world Hardy created in A Pair of Blue Eyes.
9) What I have attempted to call attention to here are evidences for a greater sureness and artfulness of Hardy's use of incongruities in the novel: A Pair of Blue Eyes embodies, in an extraordinary range of combinations and permutations, a vision of the contrarious and ill-fitting quality of the human predicament in which "Life and Death are neighbours nigh" and, again and again, the comic and the tragic, the mundane and the sublime, mix in incongruous ways as the narrow, immediate and fleeting concerns of the living are played out against reminders of the sad transience of life and the inevitability of death.
The "Four Elements" that are "Gods of the Kingdoms of the Earth" are caught "in contrarious / And cruel opposition: Element against Element, opposed in War / Not Mental, as the Wars of Eternity, but a Corporeal Strife" (Blake 130).
Indeed, Bartholomaeus Anglicus, writing in the mid-thirteenth century when the pressure of population ensured that the peasantry were normally "iholde lowe with diuers and contrarious chargis and trauailes, and among wrecchidnesse and woo", foretold that any alleviation in their condition would make "here herte toswelleth and waxith stoute and proude".
As the cosmological model here is one of the simple made contrarious, it is perhaps inevitable that such familiar notions should be fed through its complicating machinery; but as it is also a model of the contrarious resolved, there are occasional moves to close down Shakespeare's ambiguity and openness to conflicting readings.
Images, puppets, plays 'ben onely singnis, love withoute dedis' and therefore are 'not onely contrarious to the worschipe of God--that is, bothe in signe and in dede--but also they ben ginnys of the devvel to cacchen men to byleve of Anticrist, as wordis of love withoute verrey dede ben ginnys of the lecchour to cacchen felawchipe to fulfillinge of his leccherie'.
No one is more aware of the contrarious and oppositional ethos of this world than Richard, and his aim throughout the scene is to make others aware of it.
But the wind, never outsmarted, always wins: the destined lady will live, in the most contrarious way, by the sullen shore.
This interaction culminates in the speech on "commodity" where the contrarious dramaturgy in the figuration of the Bastard--presentational and representational--culminates in a strange contradiction between the unveiling language of the commentator and the complicity of the participant.
The most significant manifestations of contrarious thinking are to be found in the ubiquitous references to one or more of the four qualities, elements, and humours.
this holy womman Sara at the day of dom schal dampnen the pristis of the Newe Testament that givis heem to pleyes, reversen hir holy maners aprovyd by God and al holiy chirche; therfore sore aughten pristis to be aschamyd that reversen this gode holy womman and the precious body of Crist that they treytyn in ther hondis, the whiche body never gaf him to pley but to alle siche thing as is most contrarious to pley, as is penaunce and suffring of persecution.