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But putting all that aside, how exactly is one to connect the bewildering variety and contrariety of the Balkans-to-Bengal legacy with what most people think of as normative Islam?
Examining the rural electrification data on the GARV portal, it was discovered un-electrified villages were counted as electrified, among many contrariety.
too knit the old knot of contrariety Blabb'd blushed, resented,
Human evolution may be visualized within the broader context of trillions of energetic events--steps, missteps, and countersteps--inevitably constituting the pathways of molecular complementarity and contrariety.
Yet Mailer wants the complexity: the portrait is modelled upon the familiar Mailer lines of dichotomy and contrariety, as the astronaut manifests contradictions which "lay subtly upon him.
The misrule at the castle is further highlighted by the principle of contrariety of the antimasque.
Finally, those schemata are put to work as the expression of inferential commitments implicit in argumentative practices of different sorts (exculpatory, justificatory and illustrative) in the deployment of which both logical contrariety and contradiction are exploited.
We consider that, despite the fact that the manner of formation of the two Cambers has remained identical, the specialization of the Chambers partially justifies the principle of regulated bicameralism as well, and accordingly between the two constitutional provisions there is no contrariety.
Thinking Through Blake: Essays in Literary Contrariety
All contrariety notwithstanding, they do show a constant propensity to union, and Nicholas of Cusa defined God himself as a complexio oppositorum".
23) His remarks on the funeral scene in Hogarth's Harlot's Progress resonate with questions of unity, variety, and contrariety important to the serpentine line, and associate Hogarth with an involution of fall and redemption that will prove central to De Quincey's own serpentine lines.
In the four corners of the square are posed the following elements: "I-enunciator," "you-enunciatee," "he-narrator," "he-narratee," and among them there are three kinds of relationships: the relations of contrariety (between enunciator and enunciatee, on the one hand, and narrator and narratee, on the other hand), the relations of contradiction (between enunciator and narratee, on the one hand, and enunciatee and narrator, on the other hand), the relation of complementarity (between enunciator and narrator, on the one hand, and enunciatee and narratee, on the other hand).
In order to articulate the contrariety and complexity of his reaching out to the divine, Marvell's speaker subsumes or, better, incorporates his predecessors' voices.
There are a few of us left in this conglomerated world of ours who still trudge stubbornly along the lonely, rocky road and this is, in fact, our contrariety.
For instance, among the several terms that seemed worth searching, contrariety condition and focal meaning are missing, while accountability and attributability appear only as entries under moral responsibility.