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a composer who specializes in counterpoint

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It is worth observing in passing that Palestrina's legacy to his immediate pupils was not so much as a Franco-Flemish contrapuntist but as a double-choir quasi-homophonist.
By 1680 Purcell was (at the age of 21) already a fully developed contrapuntist, as the fantasias attest.
He was a pioneer of polytonality and polymodality from the early 1900s onwards, besides being a master contrapuntist whose idol was J.
They reflect the composer's rather conservative musical style (only the last motet includes a basso seguente part) and his orientation toward counterpoint, doubtlessly the result of his organ study with the master contrapuntist Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.
Sessions, known as a strict contrapuntist, seems to have influenced Nancarrow the most.
Johann Theile is esteemed among the north-German baroque contrapuntists, including Dietrich Buxtehude and Johann Adam Reincken.
Eduard Grell and Heinrich Bellermann (both Protestants working in Berlin), and Michael Hailer (a Gatholic based in Regensburg) were genuinely skilled contrapuntists, and perhaps not coincidentally, they also understood Palestrina's style much better than most of their contemporaries.