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137) While there is certainly no single, taut definition of "process" or "procedure" for the thesis that the American copyright regime is process-centric, this fact only serves to highlight the argument that American copyright does not emphasize substantive copyright values or rights; this contrapositive may be the sharper and tauter perspective for examining and understanding my central argument.
The most they can usually achieve is to convince people who love logic but hate contrapositives.
The contrapositive in this case may be just as valid as the initial proposition.
Yet, Bloch's sister represents nonetheless a certain transparency and contrapositive of Jewish stereotypes despite Proust's exploration and reinforcement of them elsewhere in the novel through a conflation of Jewishness with treason, sexual deviancy, effemjnism, arrivisme, and hysteria.
But consider the contrapositive of this conditional: namely, that if water flowed out the faucet while the main valve was closed, then water would not flow.
F] game given in the article with functional elements, shows that in the process of the sides' contrapositive and in the game against the nature, for getting the certain aim, when the preference of the player changes in time and it is necessary to choose the time's starting moments, making decision is lead to using the strictly ranked criteria.
Principles of logic dictate that the contrapositive (negation and reversal) of a true statement is always true.
For example, establish by induction that courage is desirable and use deduction to then conclude that cowardice is undesirable (II 8, 113b30), or secure the contrapositive of an intended statement by induction, then use modus tollens to establish the intended claim (II 8, 113b17-25).
128) The contrapositive of "if X, then Y" is "if not Y, then not X.
2], but by the contrapositive, if there is heteroskedasticity, we must have [p.
This is roughly the contrapositive of Groarke's thesis [D1] which Stove attributes to Hume (pp.
The equivalence between a statement and its contrapositive is so obvious for an expert that, usually, he does not need any explanation.
In this instance, however, much of the contrapositive comes in an easy-to-open package called Worcester.
4) Bobzien allows that Chrysippus, four centuries earlier, affirms the contrapositive of this principle.