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In comparison to the dichotomies proposed by Dombroski, and in contraposition to him it is necessary to remember, Teresa De Lauretis, "Semiotics Models, Invisible Cities," (in particular 30), Yale Italian Studies 2 (1978): 13-37, mostly important for the reading of Le citta invisibili elaborated with semiotics and critical theory.
As Edward Said might put it, there is a contraposition of two distinct and different kinds of knowledge, each of which pertains to a realm of power relations.
in contraposition to the Beautiful, grew up on the basis of sexual distinctions--the Sublime corresponding to the male, and the Beautiful, its anti-pole, corresponding to the female.
En contraposition con esos cambios, llama poderosamente la atencion el hecho de que muchas de las observaciones tipicas del paradigma de la competencia sociocultural tienden a revivir esos mitos y reestablecer fronteras entre nativos y discentes, si bien en este caso se trata de fronteras asociadas a la cultura.
Scenery, air quality and playgrounds are sold in contraposition to old industries and historical monuments.
Hence, by contraposition, the presence of clefting, that is, either [+p] or [+c] or both, renders an intonation gap without inversion impossible.
The first source was the Darul Islam's vision of an Islamic state in Indonesia and of armed struggle as the means of attaining that end--in contraposition to the mainstream Salafi method of gradually Islamizing the society through dakwah (Arabic da'wa, meaning "call" or "Islamic propagation").
is also tautological for the truth tables of the second scheme if there is no inconsistency in the calculus presented later), for the principle of contraposition does not need to hold in the above schemes.
To this event Hilary Gatti devotes her essay, "Bruno and the Protestant Ethic," which takes as its point of departure Weberian theory, seeking to prove by way of interesting (if not, in my judgment, entirely persuasive, reasoning) that the relationship between Bruno and Protestantism cannot be made in the paradigm of radical contraposition.
The relationship between these two ideas of history is more than simply one of juxtaposition but rather one of contraposition and confrontation.
Unfortunately, ignored until the final assignments began to trickle in, we made assumptions about each other's grading criteria that proved false and created contraposition and dissonance between us.
A similar explanation is given for the failure of conditional syllogism and contraposition.
Nationalists no longer stand in contraposition to an ideological or spirit-vision idea of the International.
There is maximum fluorescence quenching when the fluorescein anneals opposite at least two G residues: one residue in direct contraposition to the fluorescein, and the other in the first base overhang position (44).
In contraposition to the hands of the masculine other metaphorically transformed into torch, flame, or dagger, the hands of the female subject are a chalice, cupped to offer him their sublime content of love.