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that branch of jurisprudence that studies the rights and obligations of parties entering into contracts

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1) Contract, in this common account, is the legal cousin of the social practice of promise and voluntary obligation, and the significance of that social practice to autonomy implies that contract law should be guided by the will of the parties or by their mutual consent.
The expert group will examine whether contract law differences between member states hinder cross-border distribution and use of insurance products by businesses and consumers.
The book aims to provide the key principles of contract law and lends itself as an extremely useful revision aid for exams.
This Article proposes that contract law abandon its consent-centric focus.
The contract law may regulate activities of business transactions among civil actors of equal status.
Perhaps due to Fried's systematic examination of the disparate contract law doctrines that so frustrate first-year law students, for a work of serious contracts scholarship, Contract as Promise has remained a remarkably popular book, even some thirty years after its appearance.
Contract law shows whether the contract has been concluded or not and if it is valid.
During the National People's Congress in March 2010, the work report of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress said that since the Labor Contract Law has been promulgated and implemented, the awareness of the labor contract of the whole society has been generally raised and the rate of signing of labor contract was significantly increased, up to 93% (Li 2003, Chen 2004).
When I brought out Essays on Contract (2) twenty years ago, a United States reviewer described Australian contract law as it emerged from The pages of that volume: '[It] is interesting for its own sake.
3) Other presentations available at JAGU include Contract Attorneys' Course presentations, selected Advanced Contract Law presentations, and 2009 Contract and Fiscal Law Symposium Year in Review presentations.
The basic rule of liability in contract law is no fault.
The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has announced a review of New Zealands insurance contract law, and released the terms of reference for the review.
Revising and updating his October 2011 doctoral dissertation at Oxford University, Winterton proposes a distinction between substitutionary and compensatory money awards in contract law.
I argue that, rather than enforcing the obligations of promises, contract law concerns complaints against promissory wrongs.
Now in its second edition, this text on US contract law includes a searchable electronic version offering online links to cited sources.