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that branch of jurisprudence that studies the rights and obligations of parties entering into contracts

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Notably, the research shows New York is winning the competition on contract law as the most lender-friendly state, with liability laws that strongly favor banks.
Current contract law defenses are insufficient to overcome the bias of a consent-focused approach.
Labor Contract Law will slow down the pace of recruitment for college students.
The journal covers such diverse areas as sales, standard contract terms, distribution chains, marketing practices, research and development agreements, contract law copyright aspects, financial and investment services contracts, insurance contracts and e-commerce, non-discrimination within and outside labor law, labor law contracts and other "symbiotic" contracts.
But the Cabinet Office says the Consumer Contract Law should be in principle applied to rates for delinquent loans taken over from other lenders, like in the case of Acom.
Since an offer in compromise is a contract, the court said it should be analyzed under general contract law, which provides a contract can be set aside if both parties have made a mistake as to a basic assumption and the mistake has had a material effect.
How can the government restore the credibility of contract law given the huge rupture that has already taken place?
Betty van der Smissen states, "An Exculpatory Agreement is a contract which endeavors to alter tort common law, resulting in a conflict between traditional principles of tort law where the individual is responsible for one's actions which injure another person and contract law where parties have the right to define their relationship (van der Smissen 1990).
Skeptics argue that will and promise have little to do with judicial decisions, and that contract law is merely a species of liability wherein the law will compensate those who have detrimentally relied on the representations of others.
Being inspired by the discussion amongst western scholars that contract law is not a practical tool for protecting consumer, this paper scrutinizes the role of the Revised Contract Law in the field of consumer protection in China.
The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act was an attempt to develop a body of contract law surrounding software licensing agreements, said John Lobert, senior vice president of state government affairs for the Alliance of American Insurers.
While this is good news for libraries nationwide, the fact that UCITA is actually contract law means that every state has the option of whether to pass it or not.
In the texts she examines from the earlier period (several of The Canterbury Tales and a few mystery plays), authors understand that the abstract structure of contract law does not always rake into account the unpredictability of the married couple as human agents, and the authors thus create situations that either exploit the weaknesses of this paradigm or show solutions that solve some of the inherent problems.
Modern economic analysis of contract law began about thirty years ago and, many scholars would agree, has become the dominant academic style of contract theory.