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d'Epinay should be called to-morrow to sign the contract" --
Heaven is as inflexible as man, and the signature of the contract is fixed for this evening at nine o'clock.
I think it is kept a secret from grandpapa Noirtier, that the contract is to be signed this evening.
Morrel went also to the notary, who confirmed the news that the contract was to be signed that evening.
"It is impossible," said Maximilian, "that the signing of a contract should occupy so long a time without unexpected interruptions.
Franz arrived to sign the contract just as my dear grandmother was dying."
This was more terrible than the first; the same nervous movements were repeated, and the mouth contracted and turned purple."
BALTIMORE (1) _ Re-signed Delmon Young, of, to a $2.25 million, one-year contract.
Most contracting parties include "minimum" insurance limits that must be carried while the contract remains in effect.
In light of available safeguards, a review of past reform efforts suggests that mandating a single contract type is not better than matching the unique circumstances of a weapon program with an appropriate contract type.
The proposed regulations provide that, if an annuity contract is received in exchange for property other than money, (1) the amount realized attributable to the annuity contract will be its FMV (as determined under Sec.
As drafted, the bill takes a very broad view of integrity issues, permitting disciplinary action to be taken against contractors for any ethical lapses, even if unrelated to contract performance.
Gross income includes any amount received as an annuity under an annuity contract [IRC Sec.
The coal mine was burdened by two contracts mandating that it supply a fixed minimum amount of coal.
Last November, Springfield, Massachusetts-based Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, one of the largest transit authority agencies in the Northeast, awarded a $28 million, three-year contract to provide elderly and handicapped transportation services to Hulmes Transportation Inc., a transportation services company based in Belchertown, Massachusetts.
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