contraceptive diaphragm

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a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible dome-shaped cup made of rubber or plastic

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Is Charen old enough to remember when a married woman could get a contraceptive diaphragm only with her husband's permission, and single women could not get fitted at all?
today announced it has received approval from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences to market its Instead(R) Softcup(R) as an over-the-counter disposable contraceptive diaphragm in the Russian Federation beginning immediately.
Devices (IUDs, Sterilization, Subdermal contraceptive implants, Vaginal rings, Female condoms, Non-surgical permanent contraception, Contraceptive diaphragms, and Contraceptive sponges)
Vast majority of foreign bodies are from iatrogenic interventions (slings, tvt, IUCD, vaginal pessaries, contraceptive diaphragms, eroded silk following radical prostatectomy, intra prostatic stents, eroded penile prosthesis, artificial urinary sphincters, and long term urinary drainage etc.
Soto also notes that, unlike chlorinated pesticicles, some nonylphenolcontaining products - such as spermicides used with contraceptive diaphragms and in many condoms - have been designed expressly for intimate contact with human reproductive tissue.