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Dr Seidel said the RACGP supports women in their contraceptive choices, and advocates for a wide variety of well-tested contraceptive options be available to all women.
Supporters of contraceptive use condescendingly accuse couples who shun contraceptives that they multiply like rabbits.
Despite the fact that an estimated 100 million women around the world use contraceptive pills we know surprisingly little today about the pill's effect on women's health.
Keeping in view the above points, this study was designed to determine the risk of pregnancy among MWRA, to reveal the extent of contraceptive use and identifying the different variables which affect the contraceptive use.
This article simplifies the choice of contraceptive measures in women with diabetes.
There remains the possibility that the Trump administration will instead rescind the contraceptive coverage guarantee entirely.
Advent of advanced contraceptive methods, emergency contraceptives method especially for teenagers, and increase in awareness towards sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are the major factors responsible for the growth of contraceptives market.
That finding complies with the theory of progesterone involvement in the etiology of depression, because progestin dominates combined and progestin-only contraceptive.
CDC, the Puerto Rico Department of Health, and partners used a comprehensive approach, including key informant interviews and review of existing data, to gather information on contraception services in Puerto Rico, including information on rates of unintended pregnancy, contraceptive use, contraceptive access, and barriers to provision and use of contraception.
This article examines the relationship between health and safety myths about contraception and women's contraceptive use--both on an individual and community level.
In contrast, beginning a hormonal contraceptive after marriage did not appear to have negative or positive impacts on a woman's satisfaction, regardless of her husband's looks.
Background: Despite initiation of family planning programs in 1960s, contraceptive uptake is very low in Pakistan because it is associated with various markers of socio-demographic status.
ORLANDO -- Data on how obesity affects contraceptive efficacy in adolescents are limited, but the consensus is that if efficacy is reduced, it isn't by enough to make a difference, according to Dr.
New research finds the Population Council's one-year contraceptive vaginal ring is highly acceptable to women.
They were divided into three groups: Group A [Oral contraceptive users (n=30)]; group B [Injectable users (n=30)] both using contraceptives for more than 1 year; and Group C [Controls (n=30)] not using any form of contraceptives.