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Synonyms for contour

Synonyms for contour

a line marking and shaping the outer form of an object

Synonyms for contour

a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

a feature (or the order or arrangement of features) of anything having a complex structure

form the contours of

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(2003) developed a special kernel filter that can interpolate a grid cell through which multiple contour lines pass.
It's best to apply the darker contour shade on the tips of your forehead and below the cheekbones.
Contour designs and manufactures custom cabling assemblies and connectors for use in industrial and medical applications.
The second generation is the standard proton-electron contour (the [mu]-analogy of the proton) having a bosonic mass close to the summary mass of the W and Z-bozons (229 GeV; the fermionic masses of the contour and those of the following contour are neglected).
Research on automatic identification and extraction of contour lines on maps has a long history and involves a variety of methods.
We spend several weeks on the art of the contour line.
Marching cubes algorithm is generated by contour surface of 3D data field.
Then using a foundation stick three shades darker than your complexion - try Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in walnut, PS29, - shade in the area around the mouth and chin and contour around the hairline.
Two months after the company shut down, Provo-based investment firm Clarke Capital Partners acquired Contour, moved it to Utah, appointed Danny Lysenko as CEO and brought Green back to the company as chief technology officer.
Just like using cosmetics to contour your face, a la Kim Kardashian, self-tan can be used to subtly define your body.
Nouveau Contour, a European premier brand is a global leader and master in permanent makeup (PMU) segment.
JSSI Parts & Leasing has announced it has signed a new supply chain services agreement with Contour Aviation, the company said.
Travel Business Review-May 22, 2019-JSSI Parts & Leasing, Contour Aviation sign supply chain services agreement
Contour beading is a technique whereby the stitching begins at a center point and goes outward in a circular or elliptical fashion that was developed by the artists of the Columbia River Plateau after the midpoint of the 19th century.