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Synonyms for continue

Synonyms for continue

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

to begin or go on after an interruption

Synonyms for continue

continue a certain state, condition, or activity

continue talking

allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature

do something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop

continue after an interruption

continue in a place, position, or situation

span an interval of distance, space or time

exist over a prolonged period of time

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(As one of our board members said the other day, 'Why do states have to get Medicaid waivers for home- and community-based services--why shouldn't they have to get waivers to put people in institutions?') Another issue here is competing resources--some people will always need nursing home or other institutional care because of their medical condition or lack of family support; we have to continue our focus on quality nursing home care while advocating for alternatives for those who need and can use them.
Growth is expected to continue and lead to record-level steel casting shipments of 100,000 tons per year by '05.
Curt Mingle, is the kind of long-range research and analysis the profession needs to ensure CPAs continue to be indispensable to clients.
But in truth, the Uribe Administration offers an unexpected opportunity to consolidate and continue progress.
of International Recycling's Nonferrous Division, notes that copper in Eu rope continues to strengthen, while aluminum has seen its price reach $2,030 per metric ton March 11, representing a 10-year high.
About 25 years ago, it was released to an independent body, DANB, to retain and continue its objectivity and quality.
And he has made great progress in producing the Space Professional Development Strategy, a model for all the services to continue our growth of space professionals.
He says the industry will continue to work closely with its environmental regulators, and the environmental groups within the province, to sustain a high level of responsibility.
To keep the organization striving, Cline says he will personally "continue building awareness among people interested in careers in agribusiness and aggressively promote the Careers program." Also he will "remind companies of having qualified individuals seeking careers in agribusiness through ABEF."
The housing sector is expected to decline at a 5% rate for the year as interest rates continue to rise.
ACHCA's educational programs and professional certification programs continue to provide tangible evidence of the sophistication of today's long-term care administrator.
Mission critical and, in many cases, business essential data will continue to be produced at increasing rates, and the data must be readily available or easily retrieved.
Domestic demand was exceeding expectations and was likely to continue to increase rapidly for some time, supported by accommodative conditions in key segments of financial markets.
In recent times, the growth of clinical librarian programs has suffered because of the pressures to reduce health care costs; however, many programs continue to thrive and, more important, the ideas behind this specialized clinical information service continue to inspire health sciences librarians and to guide service priorities.