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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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Abdalla joined the team just a week ago but expresses optimism the team will do well continentally. "Shandy finished third last season in the league and our target is to at least get past the group stage of the Confederation Cup this year and build on that in the coming years.
Jemisin's award-winning trilogy The Broken Earth, the narrator sets the stage in the grandest possible way: "Let's start with the end of the world, why don't we?" Later, after talking about more personal tragedies, this is amended to "Let's try the ending again, writ continentally." That seems to me to be a good definition of epic fantasy: a story writ continentally (or oceanically or astronomically).
I would go one further, however, and propose that for Borges these are not only patterns recurring continentally, but globally.
With the exception of the Hispanic group, these groups have continentally based names, though the individuals themselves are from the United States.
These extremely high ratios are consistent with continentally derived recycled sedimentary source consistent with the passive margin setting.
Bootstrap support values for continentally affiliated clades are shown.
Tunisia came in 95th place globally and 4th in Africa after Seychelles (62nd worldwide), Mauritius (65th) and Algeria (85th), while Niger maintains its last place in the ranking, both continentally and globally.
"If we were losing that amount continentally, we'd already be in famine I think," says Roger Day, program executive for CABI's Action on Invasives program.
How soon will the company look at expanding continentally? "First we want to establish ourselves properly in Cote d'Ivoire, which is a big market in itself, and then we will consider other markets, and in our expansion will consider all options, both growing organically or through acquisitions," says Azaiez.
He said that each country needs a similar institute for the sake of developing the game domestically and continentally.
It is thus unconvincing to conclude from few selected instances that African women (continentally) suffer exclusion through Christianity.
He further referred to the relations it has stablished with other organization regionally, continentally and globally, establishing representations in all countries that are of importance to the Sudan and its interests.
"It is better to have a full group of players especially as Al Ain are preparing for important challenges at all levels locally and continentally," he added of the Arabian Gulf League, President's Cup, League Cup and Asian Champions League.
An series of meetings are taking place, nowadays, at the secretariat general of the federation here, overseen by the chairman, in order to display the championships, in a distinct way, to fix its annually declared and adopted timetable, and eventually to be listed in the continentally as well as internationally recognized sports' calendars.
The Irish-born, continentally educated John Thomas Mullock (1807-1869) was the fourth Franciscan priest to serve as Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Newfoundland.