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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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First, the war brought a growing sense of Canadian nationalism, sometimes at odds with the continentalist heritage of the transnational communities, and second, the war brought a level of government control not seen before.
literary scholars, but I think there is little perceived need for a specifically North American cultural consciousness that would lead a large number of scholars to foreground a comparative continentalist perspective.
There are some," he wrote in the fifth Continentalist, "who maintain that trade will regulate itself, and is not to be benefited by the encouragements or restraints of government.
Europe today could ponder something Alexander Hamilton wrote in his Continentalist essay number 6, published on 4 July 1782, the sixth birthday of the American Union when it was still far from clear what the nature of that union would be:
Canadian continentalist and revisionist historians who looked at the impacts of Canadian businesses and economic policies in the region have yet to engage in a full commitment to the study of Latin America.
The Groundwork Guides consider some of the key frames through which aspects of globalization are understood today: through concepts such as democracy and empire, through practices as varied as slavery and being Muslim, through the continentalist perspective provided by Africa, and through the local view provided by cities.
That will also distinguish it from the feckless continentalist, integrationist OAU/AU variety of the last 50 years.
Within Britain, the failure of repeated efforts to codify English criminal law in the 19th century has been described as a reflection of 'codiphobia,' a term coined originally by English law commissioner Andrew Amos to describe the chauvinistic tendency to see codification as alien to English legal tradition which favours adaptability to continentalist rigidities.
North American' Trade Concept: Continentalist, Hemispherist, Or Globalist?
The exceptional circumstances of the growth during this period of an increasingly continentalist consciousness, culminating in the early widespread support for the Cuban Revolution as an example and model of Spanish-American autonomy, meant that the split did not evolve into the 'struggle' predicted by Bhabha.
Taking into account the size of the confidence intervals for each group mean, the results for Canadian Nationalism fit a bipolar pattern: owners and the private sector branch of the NMC were on the continentalist side; and the public sector branch of the NMC and both sectors of the working class were on the nationalist side.
Harrison aims to give a theory of narrative fiction, taking into account both work on the theory of meaning in the analytic tradition, and continentalist - in particular Derridean - approaches to literature.
The resistance to Soviet technology and naval ideas came from continentalist cadres who favored strong land forces and whose faith in Mao's people's war doctrine was almost mystical.
Whereas previously leading Canadian firms and executives in many sectors were amenable to nationally oriented strategies (including some limits on trade and foreign investment), after the FTA they began to identify almost unanimously with a continentalist (and furthermore, a globalist) vision.
Books on the topic are usually from the nationalist left or the continentalist right.