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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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Once elected Prime Minister, however, Chretien showed his true continentalist colours by speedily ratifying the trinational deal.
Despite the reiteration of the continentalist doctrine in the 2000 white paper, the actual direction of defense policy, strategy, and eventually also force structure changed quite significantly in practical terms, perhaps as the result of post-9/11 and IRAQI FREEDOM contingencies rather than genuine strategic insight.
Canadian UAW factionalism had existed long before the continentalist question sparked tensions in the 1960s.
210) and India's economy, despite Britain's longstanding presence there, remained squarely continentalist at the end of British rule.
He notes the central paradox of Australian strategic culture--a continentalist mind-set yet a history of distant "expeditionary" commitments in support of alliance partners.
Their fates have become entwined as never before, a consequence of a continentalist capitalist restructuring that enhances and intensifies processes of integration that have been operative for a century and a half, but that are now exercising an undeniable capacity to determine the outcome of class struggles in any given national context.
It was, as Anastakis puts it, continentalism as a form of economic nationalism, acceptable both to Walter Gordon the nationalist and Mitchell Sharp the continentalist.
Morris rightly identified the European view of the past as continentalist rather than nationalist (Morris 1994: 11), because studies of the Greek past were assumed by people who were neither Greeks nor lived within the borders of what is today called Greece.
Much British military thought was merely a slavish imitation of continentalist thought, and while imperial requirements were the dominating factor at all stages in the army's development, it was only in the 1880s that the compelling doctrine of the imperial role was finally articulated.
The resistance to Soviet technology and naval ideas came from continentalist cadres who favored strong land forces and whose faith in Mao's people's war doctrine was almost mystical.
Safarian clearly sang from a far more continentalist, realist, and quiet diplomacy hymnal than did the nationalists who comprised much of the rest of the choir in his 1968 table of contents.
She reviewed the results of nine federal commissions and task forces and concluded that recommendations favouring economic and cultural nationalism in Canada tended not to be implemented, despite broad support of public opinion, because Canadian elites held more continentalist views.
Laxer is dismissive of both the continentalist school of foreign policy and those who focus on addressing the imbalance of North-South relations in world affairs.
As Calder puts it, "the emergence of an interactive, increasingly continentalist Eurasia is quietly transforming the nature of international affairs, reintroducing realist, geopolitical concerns in a postideological world that had fitfully tried for nearly two decades to transcend them.
In fact, Grant caustically called the socialist leadership in Canada "a Protestant tabernacle turned liberal," a force that was instrumental in helping the continentalist Liberal Party to bring down Diefenbaker's government in 1963.