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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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There is a broader range of details on offer then, but likewise more scope for misleading us on those grand themes of nationalism and of a continentalism that is morphing into globalism.
But after defeat in Vietnam and in the face of declining world influence in the mid-1970s, the spirit of nineteenth century American continentalism was revived through Ronald Reagan.
The Myth of North American City: Continentalism Challenged.
Inwood sees the debate--and struggle--over free trade as being between adherents to social-democratic nationalism and neo-conservative continentalism.
Babcock, Gompers in Canada: A Study in American Continentalism Before The First World War (Toronto 1974), 46.
In fact, it is striking to reflect, as High perhaps too briefly does in his conclusion, on how different the political environments are today under neoliberal continentalism compared to the heady days of Canadian economic nationalism.
In reconsidering the conflict between continentalism and nationalism over the fate of the Canadian auto industry in the 1960s, this important aspect of the Canadian UAW's evolution can be more thought fully situated as an important aspect of the union's history.
Babcock, Gompers in Canada: A Study in American Continentalism Before tire First World War (Toronto 1974), Mercedes Steedman, Angels of tire Workplace: Women and the Construction of Gender Relationsin the Canadian Clothing Industry, 1890-1914 (Toronto 1997), Mark Leier, Where the Fraser River Flows: The Industrial Workers of the World in British Columbia (Vancouver 1990), A.
Greig Mordue's essay on the Canadian auto industry surveys the shifting balance between imperialism, multilateralism, and continentalism in structuring the Canadian state's efforts to grow the industry.
60) Thus, the broader continentalism that accelerated in this period, particularly economically, was also present in childhood play cultures.
Vaughan believes he is "arguing (through the examples of these filmmakers) on behalf of a cinema that, in the tradition of Merleau-Ponty and Deleuze, challenges the classical division between interior and exterior, real and imaginary, subject and object" (205), but the result is posturing Continentalism, not philosophical argument.
Unfortunately for his reputation he turned to commenting on politics after he retired from teaching and his opposition to continentalism and regionalism led him to express views critical of both the United States and Quebec.
Kent Calder's The New Continentalism does exactly that by focusing on the intersection of energy and geopolitics in Eurasia.
Although many subsequent readers have been perplexed by the poems strange conceit, often to the point of dismissing the lyric as a trifle of Baroque continentalism, I believe Devlin has it right when he observes that "it was not the phrasing of Southwell's poem that struck his fellow poets, but its blindingly simple conception of the Son of God appearing through the veils of earthly qualities and earthly feelings" (267).
The fact that globalization, which in the North American context inevitably took the form of continentalism, proceeded apace throughout the twentieth century only increased the fear and therefore its cultural backlash.